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Gentlemen, hit the head.

Rich Rodriguez spills the beans about halftime adjustments.

And what about halftime adju-

“The halftime talk is way overrated! First of all, the first five minutes and last five minutes are probably to use the restroom. We’re old! We’re not passing up on a chance to go to the bathroom! But then our coaches are talking to each other for five minutes, too. You’re not going to invent a whole lot of things. You have to keep things simple enough that if you make adjustments, everybody already kind of knows why.”

So much for the Knute Rockne halftime motivational speech.

Although I have to admit I think more clearly with an empty bladder, too.


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Centered at center

If you’ve been concerned about the change at the center position, maybe this observation will help settle you down:

OL Brandon Kublanow

The 6-foot-2, 298-pound junior started preseason camp as the number one center and he has only tightened his grip since. According to fellow offensive linemen and coaches, Kublanow has picked up the system quickly and has earned the trust of those playing next to him. He also appears to have conquered the shotgun snapping issues that plagued him early in camp. Oh, and we’ve been hearing that he’s pretty physical and nasty in the trenches, too.

Eh, it couldn’t hurt.


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Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams announced

Georgia’s got nine representatives, the third-best showing in the conference, behind Alabama (natch) and LSU… which serves to remind me again why it’s so hard to get a handle on LSU’s prospects this season.  Normally a team that loaded would be a cinch to be counted on as having a legitimate shot to get to Atlanta, but with the shaky quarterback situation and the change at defensive coordinator, it seems worthwhile to hedge that bet.

By the way, if he stays healthy, does Leonard Floyd finish the season as a third teamer?


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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