Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams announced

Georgia’s got nine representatives, the third-best showing in the conference, behind Alabama (natch) and LSU… which serves to remind me again why it’s so hard to get a handle on LSU’s prospects this season.  Normally a team that loaded would be a cinch to be counted on as having a legitimate shot to get to Atlanta, but with the shaky quarterback situation and the change at defensive coordinator, it seems worthwhile to hedge that bet.

By the way, if he stays healthy, does Leonard Floyd finish the season as a third teamer?


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9 responses to “Preseason Coaches All-SEC teams announced

  1. Gravidy

    If Leonard Floyd spends most of the season playing positions other than outside linebacker, there’s no telling how successful he will be. He may be great, or he may not. I will say that it is a great problem to have, and I’m eager to see how it works out.


  2. CannonDawg

    I’m betting that Dominick Sanders ends up as 1st or 2nd team All-SEC. This kid has a lot of upside.


  3. Macallanlover

    It’s a pre-season poll so who can argue the unknown, but it can serve us well as a motivator. I think folks are seriously under-estimating this UGA defense but that is as a unit, not necessarily as individual performers. Floyd as a 3rd teamer seems weird but he may be used so much in different positions that he doesn’t make All SEC. Same with Chubb, I think his numbers will suffer this season as we rotate others in and use him as a decoy more. I don’t think stats should drive all the awards winners but that is the way the system work. I don’t care, and appreciate the “team” approach UGA takes, but it doesn’t change the fact that we could be just a flat out badass as a defense this season. We don’t need dem awards!


  4. dawgblog

    Wow. Did you look at the QB’s? That paints an unsettled picture of QB’s in the SEC.


  5. Mayor

    Every time I see Laremy Tunsil’s name on one of these All-SEC lists as a first-teamer I get pissed off. Can you imagine how good the UGA O-Line would be with him in addition to what we have there already? Burns my ass. I hope they catch Ole Miss red-handed and the Rebs have to vacate every win they had for the last 2 seasons and this upcoming year, plus lose 30 scholarships over 3 year years. In addition I hope that crooked SOB Freeze gets fired and has a ban placed on him like “The Vest” did at tOSU.


    • I’m with you Mayor, he was all Dawg until that late visit.


    • Debby Balcer

      If the kid could be bought we don’t want him. He would probably have gotten us probation.


      • Mayor

        Debbie you are right in the abstract but wrong in the real world. In the real world there a lots of people that would be honest and upright if they have the opportunity to be honest and upright and the means to be that way in the first place, but if temptation is waved in front of them they can also go the other way. If the crooks at Ole Miss do not offer Tunsil any dough to go there, he goes to Georgia. But what if the crooks offer the kid dough and he’s from an impoverished background with a family that needs the money? Would you or I have taken the money (we don’t know how much)? I would hope not. But under the same circumstances if I were him I can’t say if the $$ were high enough that I wouldn’t take it. Remember, we just went through the Cam Newton thing recently where Cam and his father were caught red-handed and what happened? NOTHING. That is what you get when a corrupt NCAA and SEC do not enforce their own rules.


        • Macallanlover

          True dat. Clean it up, level the playing field. They are getting paid now, stop with the games. Whatever Mississippi did, they cheated to get Tunsil.