For once, an AJ-C header that makes me chuckle.

After all, what coach doesn’t want a starting quarterback who’s “consistent but can make ‘a big-time throw’’?

Once you get past the “and a pony” aspect of things, here’s Schottenheimer’s assessment of his three quarterback candidates:

On Brice Ramsey’s attributes …

Brice obviously has a ton of natural ability. Very raw. Coming into the spring he was a little behind just because now he’s in a new system and a guy coming from a Wing-T offense and stuff. He’s had some really terrific performances. He had a scrimmage a couple of weeks ago where he was just lights out and did a terrific job. But, again, what we’ve got to get him to do is make sure he makes the same consistent decisions day in and day out. He can’t have a great performance one day and then take a step back the next day. That’s something he and I have talked a lot about and that he’s working very hard on. But, again, he’s a guy with tremendous, tremendous up side.

On Greyson Lambert’s attributes …

“It is quite amazing what he’s been able to do only being on campus since mid-July and truly having as good a grasp on the playbook as the other guys. That’s saying a whole lot about him. Certainly being able to graduate from Virginia in a three-year period of time is a pretty impressive accolade as well. He’s a guy who certainly has intelligence, he gets the game, he understands football. It kind of makes sense to him, if you will. We certainly like the fact that he’s got some experience. He started nine games upo at Virginia and has been under that fire.”

On Faton Bauta’s attributes …

“Probably one of the hardest workers we have on the team. He’s one of those guys that every second he can spend in this building he does. He’s either working on the playbook and mastering the offense or just doing something to take care of his body or to work on something fundamental. So hard work just jumps off of him. He does a good job of getting us in and out of bad plays to good plays. He’s also had those days where he’s done a great job throwing it around and hitting big plays and taking advantage of one-on-one matchups. Definitely a guy that we don’t overlook. He know he’s got to do what he does well.”

I have to say I don’t see anything in there we haven’t already heard.  Even the part about the pony…


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37 responses to “For once, an AJ-C header that makes me chuckle.

  1. WF Dawg

    “Definitely a guy that we don’t overlook” sure sounds like Bauta is in 3rd place.

    The decision now seems to be between the steadier, though less-talented, Lambert, and the inconsistent, high-ceiling, Ramsey. In short, Ramsey’s to lose.


  2. JCDAWG83

    It’ll be Bauta. Mark my words.


  3. Dog in Fla

    “He started nine games up at Virginia and has been under that fire.”

    Lambert leaves Mike London in foxhole


  4. Argondawg

    How is a guy on his third year in the program very raw? Shouldn’t we have been working on all of those fundamentals knowing that Mason was one and done? Yes the wing T but wasn’t that 2012? Am i missing something?

    but its obvious from this that Schotty sees Ramsey as the man once it all clicks.Whenever that is.


  5. DawgPhan

    The only thing that I will take away is this.

    They are on the same page. I appreciate that the coach and the OC are on the exact same page reading it the exact same way.


  6. RugbyDawg79

    We are going to be very good this year


  7. Rebar

    I don’t understand all the worry about our offense. We are returning 4 starters on the line, have a great stable of tight ends, a smorgasbord at running back and great and good receivers. Yes, I know our offense works so much better when we can stretch the field, but one of these quaterback at least can do that. Our focus needs to be on stopping the running game, our defensive line!


    • dawgtired

      Funny, we are hearing very little about the interior DL. I’ll like to know what’s happening with Atkins, Mayes, Ledbetter and Trent.


      • Cojones

        Think Trent is being schooled to SEC O-lines by the better/best O-line in the SEC. Supposed that one of the O-line guys who is also a Team Captain for the first game (and is a 6yr player) has had something to do with that since he remarked that Trent was “learning”.

        Didn’t Pruitt say they had to hold their blocks and get around to the QB after they were good at stopping the run? In short, they are being taught to hold’em by the nose while the LBs get the glory at the beginning of the season, later to break through when they are manhandling the opponent’s O-line. Haven’t heard any disappointing remarks about them, so figure they are doing well. Let’s face it; the good play of our O-line may be opening holes (several long runs yesterday) that are letting the RBs run amuck and sometimes the D-line stops them (especially around the goal line). Mixed bag.


        • dawgtired

          Thanks for the update Cojones. I missed the Pruitt comment. ‘Mixed bag’, I guess that’s what is to be expected when you play yourself. I’m sure the O and D pick up on habits/styles of each other due to daily contact. I’m ready to see how we do against an opponent that doesn’t know our thoughts.


          • Cojones

            There’s an update by Tracy Rocker on Dawgbone. Also on Ledbetter , who it now looks like
            he won’t play at first because he’s continuing to rehab from the mysterious injury problem he’s had for several weeks.


  8. Macon Dawg

    Is this the last year that the wing T excuse can be used? Does that expire at the end of this calendar year?


  9. Walt

    I’m still pulling for the Albanian.


  10. jntiii

    Any word yet on when the Yellow Jacket Nation site is launching?


  11. Cosmic Dawg

    I just saw Richt’s presser. He was quick to point out:

    14 of the 24 points “Georgia” (Lambert and Ramsey) scored in the scrimmage were due to a pick 6 by the D and a 50 yard TD run by Sony;
    “ULM”‘s TD was Bauta leading the 2’s on a long drive down the field and Bauta was generally moving the 2’s pretty well;
    The fact that Bauta wasn’t taking snaps with the 1’s today shouldn’t be seen as a sign he’s #3.

    I think Bauta’s gonna take this thing…that might just be me rooting for him, though – hard not to like that kid.


  12. 69Dawg

    I’m sorry but Ramsey has been the system for 3 years and Lambert has only been here since July and Ramsey can’t separate himself from Lambert. This is not good. I would rather have safe and secure Bauta handing it off to 27, 1,4 etc. He at least showed in the spring he can check it down to the open guy. Screw the long ball all we have to do is have WRs that can go deep and the corners or safeties have to go with them. Even Hudson hit Conley on the long ball against U of L. If the other team puts 8 in the box our TE’s will eat them up.


    • Dawgoholic

      Disagree there, big difference in whether a team can put one safety back and that guy will have time to react to the ball in the air or they have to have two guys back or leave a corner one on one because the ball gets there so fast. Same thing with being able to hit the hole in the zone if there is bracket coverage. If we can make the other team commit at least 4 guys to the deep third (safeties) of the field and the sideline (corners), they will struggle to stop the run.


  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Maybe Camden County ran the wing-Tee cause it was the only offense Ramsey could learn.


  14. Will Trane

    Maybe Bauta should transfer to Auburn.
    He’d be like Marshall. He’d start the first game.
    The real upside to the transfer he’d get his degree by the of the season.
    Once again Urban Meyers out coaches CMR. OSU flourished with three.

    CMR a consistent conflicted coach.


  15. Castleberry

    I have seen a bunch of interviews with Coach Schottenheimer and what stands out to me more than anything else is that he says “obviously” a lot.