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ACC, he’s your problem now.

Honestly, I’d gloat more about this (h/t Saxondawg), except I bet it’s even money Penn Wagers gets assigned to the Tech game.


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“Probably doesn’t need to be said in here how much I hate Auburn.”

Tell us how you really feel, Bert.

(And a h/t and some further background, in case you need it.)


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Meet three guys who look to be in the top six rotation for Georgia’s wideouts this season.

(AJC/Josh Jones)

Isaiah McKenzie makes Terry Godwin look big. Terry Godwin ain’t big.

Now everybody is gushing over Godwin’s mad skillz (“Some guys are naturally born to play certain positions, and I think Terry was naturally born to play wide receiver,” McClendon said. “Things come natural to him. The game of football comes very easy to him.”), so it’s not like I have doubts about him being a contributor straight out of the gate.  And McKenzie showed at G-Day what he’s got in the tank.  But I can’t help but wonder what the downfield blocking is going to look like with these guys.

It’s a good thing that Michael Chigbu, with all of his 6-foot-2, 215 pound body, will likely be in the mix, too.



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Rethinking the WiFi experience

Some crazy shit here.

Greetings from Miami where the owner of the Dolphins is trying to “renovate” Sunlife Stadium where the Hurricanes also play by putting a roof on an outdoor stadium for the obvious reason of putting internal cellular stadium cellular antennas over our heads with implied GPS tracking to complete the threat of red light cameras to track us from our homes into the stadium.

We have no idea how much money he may be receiving from the cellular companies for this “renovation”.

Criminal conspiracies and the forced move from the Orange Bowl to Sunlife Stadium http://www.scout.com/college/miami/forums/2936-the-lounge/13189738-criminal-conspiracies-re-the-forced-move-from-the-orange-bowl

We think this started with large indoor stadiums like University of Phoenix Stadium home of the Fiesta Bowl when the four teams that left the Big 12 and the Fiesta Bowl and then the Big 12 itself opted out of the Fiesta Bowl for the time proven safety of the Superdome, which at the time had no DAS cellular, to play the SEC for its signature bowl game. Unfortunately since then Big Cellular has spread low level DAS cellular like vermin into every college stadium so not even pro teams can move there temporarily.

This is the result of unverified elections where we as citizens can watch over hand counted votes at the polls to regulate this fascist like grab for power over our heads in stadiums with GPS tracking implied able to target student leaders as identified by our smart phone crunching, minorities, religious groups, etc. Open sky above our heads is preferable than trusting anyone in the current environment of red light cameras tracking us into stadiums with low level cellular antenna positions over our heads

Damn you, Big Cellular!

If McGarity suddenly announces plans to put a dome on Sanford Stadium, you’ll know he’s in on it.


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“You must be a lot better at learning football than you are at math.”

This is probably going to come off sounding a lot more critical than I mean for it to be, but it’s kind of amazing that Georgia can’t fix on a starting quarterback in half a year’s time, while Oregon’s found one in two weeks.


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The last person I thought would ever make a soap opera reference?

Tracy Rocker.

Tracy Rocker couldn’t help but let out a scoffing laugh when asked if he was ready to name his top three or four defensive linemen for the coming season.

“Starters? Nah, man,” the Bulldogs’ second-year coach said. “I’m just trying to get them ready for practice.”

Of course, that’s somewhat exaggerated. After three scrimmages and a month’s worth of practices, Rocker has a good idea who is going to be taking snaps when Georgia tees it up against Louisiana-Monroe in a week. He just can’t be how sure they’ll perform.

“We’ve got four seniors there,” he said in reference to Sterling Bailey, Josh Dawson, James DeLoach and Chris Mayes. “So we hoping those guys can be solid for us there and hope a guy like John Atkins can come on for us and be a solid contributor there. After that, it’s just the young and the restless behind them. So we’re just hoping the old ones keep getting better and John Atkins and the young ones keep improving.”

Stay tuned, I guess.


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And, lo, there was college football. And it was good.

Georgia won’t get going for another week, but that doesn’t mean today isn’t a good day.

Your favorite team probably doesn’t kick off until September 5 (or if you’re lucky, September 3). But your eyes should turn to Missoula, Montana this Saturday, August 29, for the true start of the season.

North Dakota State takes on Montana in the newly annual FCS Kickoff game, showcasing the best college football’s second tier has to offer. And this really is the best it has to offer, at least on one side. Montana has a fascinating new coach and hopes of getting back amongst the FCS elite, and North Dakota State is a true dynasty, a four-time championship steamroller that would look at home in the FBS.

We don’t get many opportunities to witness the power of a fully operational battle station. Here’s why you should watch NDSU try to blow up a planet at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Say no more, right?


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