And, lo, there was college football. And it was good.

Georgia won’t get going for another week, but that doesn’t mean today isn’t a good day.

Your favorite team probably doesn’t kick off until September 5 (or if you’re lucky, September 3). But your eyes should turn to Missoula, Montana this Saturday, August 29, for the true start of the season.

North Dakota State takes on Montana in the newly annual FCS Kickoff game, showcasing the best college football’s second tier has to offer. And this really is the best it has to offer, at least on one side. Montana has a fascinating new coach and hopes of getting back amongst the FCS elite, and North Dakota State is a true dynasty, a four-time championship steamroller that would look at home in the FBS.

We don’t get many opportunities to witness the power of a fully operational battle station. Here’s why you should watch NDSU try to blow up a planet at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Say no more, right?



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18 responses to “And, lo, there was college football. And it was good.

  1. It’s college football, but I won’t be watching. Once GSU made the FBS leap, I find FCS football to be a step above high school but without the passion of real Friday night football. I thought it was a waste the couple of times the WWL has made the trip to North Dakota for GameDay.


    • You are made of sterner stuff than I, sir.


      • Senator, I have to use my football watching bank account very carefully, and an FCS game isn’t a wise use of a withdrawal on that good will with the better half.

        I’m not made of sterner stuff by any stretch!


        • Russ

          Exactly. I already hear enough about how I watch sports “all year long”, when it’s really just CFB and the Masters. I’ll wait until next week. Not sure if I’ll hold my nose and watch the Maggots next Thursday, or just wait until next Saturday.

          That said, I’m not above FCS. Just that I can’t afford the withdrawal from the honey-do bank right now.

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    • JTP

      You missed a good game by good teams. Both would beat a handful of power 5 teams.


  2. AusDawg85

    Isn’t this the play-in game for the FCS playoffs that start next week?


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    Great town and great little stadium to boot. They love their football up there, though it obviously isn’t as unhinged as it is in SEC country.

    An early morning hike of the M Trail followed by beers downtown and then a Griz football game is a pretty damn good day.


  4. Mike Cooley

    People outside the media actually use the FCS and FBS designations? They are still I-A and I-AA to me.


  5. CannonDawg

    Some would say college football is only a game. Right. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.


  6. Sh3rl0ck

    The real reason to watch the game is to finally Stitt Happen. Montana’s new coach, Bob Stitt, is considered the most innovative man in football by the Air Raid guys.


  7. Trbodawg

    Watching it now, pretty good game. Tied at 21.


  8. It’s been a good foosbaw game.


  9. Though, I am curious as to the cause of the bad air quality Jesse has referred to more than once. They’re in Montana! I will say it looks hazy but why? Forest fire? Plant near by?