“You must be a lot better at learning football than you are at math.”

This is probably going to come off sounding a lot more critical than I mean for it to be, but it’s kind of amazing that Georgia can’t fix on a starting quarterback in half a year’s time, while Oregon’s found one in two weeks.


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  1. Frisbee Dawg

    And his first game is against his former team…No way Ducks saw film of him against several Pac-12 foes last year (including a win vs Oregon State) and thought: hey, we can poach that guy!


  2. steve

    6-15 against ranked opponents in last 5 years and last year 4-2.


  3. Jack Klompus

    Plug and play baby. Our HUNH friends have a distinct advantage in QB prep over the Pro Style.


  4. TXBaller

    Please do not denigrate a program for not naming a starting QB six days prior to game one 🙂 absolutely unbelievable. Speaking of denigration, A Murray preseason stats: 0-1, 0 yards. 2 rushes, -3 yards in three preseason games. A significant way down the depth chart behind Smith & Daniels. Might be a CUT this upcoming week.


  5. JasonC

    Saban says finding a QB is a process… And it takes time.


  6. Mike Cooley

    I agree with your assessment of what is going that you posted yesterday. It’s really the only way this all makes sense. Still, it would seem Ramsey would be getting the bulk of the reps by now. Then again how do we know he isn’t?


  7. addr

    To be fair, Adams was a bonefide star at the FCS level in nearly the same system that Oregon runs. They had to choose between a two time All-American and some unproven Mariota backups… not exactly a tough decision.


  8. DurrtyDogg

    I have always believed, liked many of us knew already, that this is Ramsey’s job to lose. It has been since he singed with us out of high school. Honestly, I think Richt and the other coaches are a little down on Ramsey because he hasn’t taken control of the offense liked they hoped. Also, what bothers me most is that the plays haven’t changed much only the verbiage and he STILL hasn’t grabbed the job and made it his own. These are things we all know and can summize from the information we have gathered so far.

    So what’s the hold up of announcing a quarterback? My gut tells me that the team has a QB in mind and it aint Ramsey. However, they will give him a chance to show what he can do in a real game situation and yank him as soon as he makes mistakes. This will be their way of saying, hey, we gave you a chance. We all know if he doesn’t start, the transfer wires will light up like crazy!


    • Cojones

      Richt has stated publicly that he wouldn’t start a QB and yank him as soon as he makes mistakes because it would damage his confidence. I concur.


  9. Dave

    We have probably three options that could “mostly” work…..they really have one.


    • Ramsey and Lambert gave decision issues at SEC speed under duress.

      Bauta has a sharp knife of an arm but it’s only a short paring knife.

      Take a chance on the two guys with the upside but if they stink it up, Bauta will be the QB.