“How do you figure out if a kid wiIl translate to a two- or three-year starter as a college quarterback?”

Um… don’t you just look at who had the best stats at G-Day?

Evidently there’s more to it than that.  Who could have known?


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21 responses to ““How do you figure out if a kid wiIl translate to a two- or three-year starter as a college quarterback?”

  1. Steve

    McElroy on SEC network thinks Lambert will eventually be the starter because there’s a reason we sought and signed him.


  2. Mike Cooley

    I don’t get the fascination with Lambert by people outside our fan base. My annoying, Florida State bandwagon riding brother in law asked me a while back, “So who is the quarterback going to be? Probably Lambert, right?” I admit to not knowing a whole lot about him but wasn’t he an interception machine at Va? Why would people think he just won’t be able to be kept off the field?


    • dawgtired

      “Florida State bandwagon riding brother in law”

      I have one of those. Back in 96′ (I think) I was at my mother-in-law’s wAtching GA Vs aub. It was the 1st overtime game. Super competitive and exciting! He bust in the door saw me wAtching the game and shouted “hey, FSU is playing Duke!” Need I even explain my feelings?


      • Mike Cooley

        I feel your pain. He’s always telling me about what is going on with FSU even though he knows I don’t care. He does it to be annoying. And he always ends one of his updates with, “Isn’t that great?!” Mind you, this guy went to UGA. Was a fan of UGA since childhood. But during the Goff years, he didn’t have the balls to bear up under it and jumped ship. And when Florida State started sucking he barely paid them any attention and just watched NFL football. Now all of the sudden he’s back since 2013. He sent me a text the other day that said, “Dalvin not guilty! Go Noles!” I sent him one back that said, “The only thing Nick Chubb has ever even been accused of is being awsome. How nice for ‘Dalvin’ that he’s ‘not guilty’.”


  3. JCDAWG83

    Percentages: Bauta 90% chance as starter, Ramsey 45% chance, Lambert 22.4% chance.

    Trust me.


  4. Argondawg

    Man this article got me thinking about all of the first and second round NFL QB picks just over the last 15 years who never panned out. That list is LONG. It’s sure as hell no exact science and at the end of the day it boils down to schemes and systems. Just look at Tebow, Manziel and Rg3. All drafted in the first round and all lacking in at least one instrumental quality necessary at the next level. Yet they were deadly in college. Look at Stafford with every physical trait necessary to be all world but he will flat win you some games and just as quick lose some games. Which quality is most important to our staff? I don’t know that I can ever remember having this much confusion at QB on our roster going into opening game week. I have no idea who will be “the man”.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    One of the things I love about cfb is that plenty of college teams have good QBs. A savvy playmaking QB can, and often does, outperform a kid with an ‘nfl arm’. I really don’t give a damn about developing QBs for the pros – that’s not in any college coach’s job description.

    In the case of UGA, if the playbook isn’t too complex, and if the QB isn’t called upon to carry too much of the load, we should have QB candidates who are capable of handling the job. Ramsey and Bauta have been in the program for 2+ years. The uncertainty and agonizing coming from our coaches has got to be a ploy. I’ll be very disappointed in CMR and Schotty if QB turns out to be a liability this year.


  6. Cojones

    Great article, and if you didn’t get the gist of it being an inexact science and gut feeling to apply to our QB situation, you missed the whole enchilada. It should make everyone sit back and think how patience will be valuable for all of the coaches and fans before this is over. “Patience”; didn’t I hear a Head Coach use that term in the recent past?

    Some people have two strikes against Lambert before the decision is rendered (interception record at Virginia, Ramsey has paid more UGA dues to be our QB), but it would be more valuable if you looked at the two reasons Lambert is here (he sought us and we sought him, game experience of having the hot iron rammed upwards several times) before choosing in your own mind who is more “deserving”. The leadership attribute and winning attitude are the focus of our coaches and only they know how this will finally be decided. We’ve heard Richt say more than once that they have been waiting for Ramsey in particular to “take control”. Well, if he hasn’t shown that quality yet, that’s the best reason the QB decision continues to be in flux. How long will it take.? My guess is into the third game and after we have seen how the team and QB leadership plays out under fire. Bauta could become the “rallying” QB to be inserted in any game as the backup QB, no matter the choice for #1.

    Make no mistake about it, we need that decision made as correctly as possible before we play SC or we will agonize for the rest of the season. I intend to have patience while supporting the coaches decision, even into the third game.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    That’s a surprisingly interesting piece, considering the source. Folks who are arm-strength uber alles should read it twice. Hutson Mason, not Brice Ramsey. Unless Ramsey has dramatically improved the intangible part of his game (can you even do that?), well, hello Faton Bauta.


  8. TMC dawg

    Baruta does add the run pass option.


  9. 69Dawg

    Just remember that Joe Cox had to save our bacon in the Colorado game when Stafford failed. I personally think the coaches should let the offense vote for who they want at QB, hell it worked for the army in the old days. The men know who the leader is and the men have to believe in the leader. The coaches had better get that part right or it will not matter how great his arm is.