“We were kind of banging away at it, getting close and that kind of thing…”

This is the sound of a man who senses he’s finally getting the level of support he’s been seeking.

If there was something missing at Georgia in terms of resources, the perception now is there soon won’t be any longer.

“I think the things that we’re seeing are really not that uncommon in the league, it might feel uncommon at Georgia,” Richt said. “We are the last to put in an indoor. There are other things facility wise that we want to get done that would really bring us up to par with everybody. We’re not necessarily blazing a trail but we are moving in a very positive direction. …I’m thankful that we’re moving in the right direction.”

Notice that he says “moving”, as in the present tense.  As in the program hasn’t arrived at its final destination yet.

He’s got the gentle criticism of McGarity down to a fine art.


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16 responses to ““We were kind of banging away at it, getting close and that kind of thing…”

  1. watcher16

    What else do we need facility wise? I thought the IPF was the last hurdle and everything else was on par with the Bamas?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Life is a journey Grasshopper.


  3. Steve

    Hopefully we can win our conference this decade. I’m not sure an indoor field is a main reason for 6-15 against ranked opponents in the last 5 years when last years record was 4-2 and have only been underdogs once in last 3 years.


  4. Mike Cooley

    It might have more to do with it than you realize. How many top recruits have we missed out on due to having inferior facilities? None of us can possibly know but it stands to reason there have been some. And despite how the Richt bathers love to point out how we have supposedly recruited at the highest level since God was a child thus making Richt guilty of doing less with more, we consistently fall behind LSU, Bammer, and sometimes Auburn in recruiting. What if in each of those classes we had landed two more of the very best recruits we were after? In three years that’s six more top players on the roster. How much difference do we think an additional six top players would make? A difference in say, ten wins and twelve? A difference in five yards against Alabama? I’m not saying we will win a NC as soon as the IPF is done. What I am saying is it and whatever other deficiencies we’ve had facility wise has affected us and held us back and probably more than some are willing to consider.


  5. Mike Cooley

    Richt bashers. Not bathers. Yikes.


  6. TMC dawg

    Facilities are one thing, but coaching them up and making correct calls during the game is where it is at.


  7. Mike Cooley

    I don’t disagree. Just pointing out the false narrative that Richt does less with more. We hear all the time about how we supposedly out recruit everybody. Bull. We recruit well but we’ve been about on par with where we ought to be as far as our talent level versus that of the folks who have captured that all important NC. Also, those we’ve handicapped ourselves for years by not keeping a full roster. That seems to be rectified. But I don care who you are, coach me up all you want, if your opponent has more high level players at his disposal, he’s going to outperform you.


    • CannonDawg

      “But I don care who you are, coach me up all you want, if your opponent has more high level players at his disposal, he’s going to outperform you.”

      Granted, we play in a tough neighborhood where the top programs draw the top players. Sometimes the other guy is just better, plain and simple. But it’s those occasions where we seemingly have the clear advantage and still lose (and often lose badly) that so confounds. Lots of elements have to come together–recruiting, coaching, institutional support–and facilities play no small part in that overall mix. Our situation now has a better feel to it than it has in some time, and I believe our coaching staff will teach and push our players to a level closer to their full potential than we’ve seen in years. I just hope that in doing so our propensity for brain farting will be minimized to a point where a winnable game doesn’t get away from us. If our coaches are making our players far better, and as a result making themselves better, then I think we have a chance to be special over the next several years.


  8. 80dawg

    Equal discipline, equal treatment by the campus & local police & equal academic requirements across the SEC are the main needs. And I do not mean lower UGA standards. Bring the others up. Also, improve parking, inside bathroom access, & relax the rules re tailgating. Let us set up & start Friday @ 5PM as long as we are not rowdy/loud.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Says the multi-millionaire 15th year HC who struggles with clock management. But let’s keep banging and hopefully getting closer. We still have goals to play for….


  10. Cojones

    Look at it anyway you wish, but the foot-dragging continues for the IPF. If it wasn’t we would be updated by the “New” B-M every month as to movement toward the goal of ASAP. Moving completion from 2015 to 2016 only confirmed to me that everyone still isn’t on board. When you are the last builder and put it off for one more year…that says tons to me.


    • JTP

      They have to have the commitments from the big donors, and people aren’t sold on McGarity’s leadership. You can talk need and impact all day long, but if they don’t trust administration, the dollars won’t be there.


      • Cojones

        Supposing that’s true, how long does that excuse play out? 2020?

        We have the money w/o the big donors so that we could commit and let the givin’ catch up. I’m interested in some Dawg builder/contractor/engineer/architect opinion about the speed of construction.

        Where are you AHD?


  11. 69Dawg

    Think on the positive side Richt bashers the new facilities might get us a better HC the next time. You guys just don’t learn from history, nobody (I’m talking a proven head coach) has beat our doors down to coach at UGA since the beginning of time and I see no reason this will change. Johnny Griffth, nobody; Vince Dooley first HC job; Ray Goff first HC job; Jim Donnan I-AA coach and second choice at that and Mark Richt life time assistant. UGA does not get the pick of the litter, other than in our mascots. Wake up and smell the coffee.