“We’ll be playing teams for a second time, so hopefully we’ll improve.”

In Pruitt’s second year, I’m hoping familiarity breeds approval.  So take these words from Jordan Jenkins for what they’re worth:

“He’s done everything we thought he would and so much more,” senior outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “He’s developed us a lot as young men, and he’s developed us a lot on the field. He has really helped me with a lot of coverage issues that I’ve had in the past, and he’s helped the issues of some other guys, too.”

Considering what they’re planning on doing with Leonard Floyd and some of the fresh faces in the secondary, I sure hope so.



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6 responses to ““We’ll be playing teams for a second time, so hopefully we’ll improve.”

  1. He definitely has a lot left to prove. A lot.


  2. Oh how I hope CJP stays in Athens at least 3 more years.


  3. Cojones

    Sounds like Pruitt doesn’t care for last year’s losses anymore than we do. It indeed was a roller coaster from FU onward for the D. Yep, he gave too many passes away to SC, the D line gave up tons of rushing yds to FU and he let the game get away to GT with 18 secs left. The differing reasons would drive most men to marriage during his frustration to make it all happen with players having to learn a new system. Yep, this season should be better (as we expect), but you can’t ignore his words of “hopefully we’ll improve”, whereas, “will” is substituted for “shall”.

    Have we heard yet about his reasons to not change the D in the second half vs FU? I would like to hear the reason before D wall caving ever gets repeated this year. Doesn’t mean that I won’t cheer mightily for his troops, each and every one, and for Pruitt to become as successful at UGA as he supposes he will be. I would just like to hear the reason “Why?” before spending the season cringing and waiting for the other shoe to fall.

    Otherwise, I’m hopeful that “hopefully” becomes “shall”.


  4. JT (the other one)

    One thing I would like to point out about Pruitt and Sheerer is that they were High School coaches and teachers. They know how to relate to these kids.


  5. 69Dawg

    The FU game, like an air crash, was caused by a combination of events. It was truly a team effort. The coaches, players and ole lady luck all had a hand in it. Like a snowball rolling downhill, once it went bad there was no stopping it. I watched in the same spirit I watch NASCAR for the wreckage. There was less of excuse for it than even the Vandy game of 2013. Our players missed assignments and the coaches (and this is the scary part) had no clue how to stop it. After that game we did not deserve to win the SEC East.