Boom Time

If you want something a little more detailed than today’s “Not your regular preseason picks” post – okay, a lot more detailed – David Wunderlich has taken it upon himself to game out the wins and losses for every SEC team’s regular season.  Whew.

You’ll love his conclusion, which has Georgia losing to Alabama in the regular season on its way to a CFP appearance, but that’s not the part of his post I want to applaud.  This is:

As I said in my Auburn preview post, though, Muschamp struggles against Georgia.

If there’s one thing I haven’t gotten from what many pundits in the preseason expect, it’s chalking up the Auburn game as an almost given loss for Georgia.  For one thing, over the past ten years, the Dawgs have been competitive at the least on the Plains.  For another, as David states, Muschamp’s had his ups and down defending Georgia’s offenses.  And it’s not as if Auburn is going to roll out Florida-like talent on the defensive side of the ball this season.

I’m not saying this to prove a win’s in the bank for the Dawgs.  I just don’t understand the confidence so many have in the possibility that it’s an automatic loss.



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21 responses to “Boom Time

  1. Cojones

    You it it. Every pundit grabs the “Muschamp’s Defenses” and lays that out for Auburn’s success while overlooking the facts you have posted. It’s downright funny to watch the prognosticators pick this year’s game while ignoring the fact we have overpowered their ass for several years running. We haven’t won lucky like they did that one year of “miracles”.

    Glad to see someone placed the cherry on top of the bullshit.


    • Cojones

      “You hit it.”


    • Auburn’s probably banking on Muschamp getting the points allow average back into the low 20s – something they haven’t seen since 2008.

      If their D can get to that point, odds-wise, I’d say they are a playoff team.


      • Cojones

        The new coach factor comes into play and that’s on the players. They have to absorb a new system before they can translate his D prowess to the field. Next year will be a different story, but if those guys on Aub’s D pick up his system and apply it in the first year of changeover then there is reasoning behind what you say. I don’t think it will happen this year any more than it happened for Pruitt at UGA last year.

        It’s been a while and nice to see you here the week before season starts. You must promise to be here for input the week before the Oct 3 game since we like your objective style.


  2. Cojones

    BTW, we have beaten Sabin before and this is the best year in a while to do it again.

    Bama losing to A@M, Aub and Tenn while beating UGA? Gedouttaheah! That set of predictions is well off the mark in my view. We worry about Tenn after playing Bama and he has us beating Tenn and losing to Bama? What kind of shit-the-bed thinking is that….ah…the magic words creep into other pundits thinking using that hyphenated phrase, but he didn’t go for it.


  3. DC Weez

    I have faith in Agent Muschamp.


  4. Derek

    Muschamp won’t matter if they can’t muster but a single TD like last year. If Gus wants to play finesse vs. us again, he’s going to have another bad night. If you want to beat us, you have to come downhill with power.


  5. charlottedawg

    As much as everyone has made a big deal about Georgia’s annual face plant the other side of the coin is there’s usually a game where the team shows up completely jacked and gives a really good team all it can handle if not outright seal clubs and opponent. Auburn has been that victim many times the past 10 years. Hell 2011’s auburn game was so damn impressive skeptic dawg changed his tune for a whole week.


  6. Noonan

    Apparently the pundits didn’t watch the 34-7 curbstomping in Athens last November 15.


  7. Cosmic Dawg

    His thoughts on Georgia-Alabama got me thinking 2012 SEC Championship game all over again. We have potential weakness at DL and from most accounts not a lot of SEC-ready backups on the OL. If it comes down to needing our 2-deep in the trenches, can we hang with Bama?

    Here’s hoping to build some depth in those two units. And next year, as Emerson pointed out, OL in particular could be a mess with all those guys gradulating and Pyke eligible for NFL.

    I’m getting a head start on worrying about next year and this year hasn’t even started.


  8. Steve

    Auburn- the shape-shifters of college football. The ‘Prove It’ cult of the SEC. The industry leaders in creative financing, legal obfuscation, and when necessary heavy-handed punishment for informants and honest refs. The inventors of Jet-Gate, Sociology Department ‘audits for academic credit’, Big Money Bobby Lowder, Big Dummy ‘I can’t read’ James Brooks and Big Folly Troopha ‘white towel’ Taylah….
    Auburn:, Cam ‘180 K’ Newton, Second chance U., Felony U, Money Printing U,….
    `Animal, vegetable, mineral and Auburn’. A shameless class all unto itself. When Auburn leaves the bus on the way to the field there isn’t a blue plastic bag big enough to pick up that huge rotten dog turd.


  9. AusDawg85

    Bama loses to Bootch? Ole Miss wins the West with 2 losses? Dawgs 11 – 1? I take the under on all.


  10. Mayor

    Re: The Wunderlich linked article. I don’t agree with every pick on every schedule but I do agree with his final conclusion. I predicted a couple of months ago that the Dawgs would win the East, Bama wouldn’t win the West and Georgia would beat the “oddball” winner of the West (I thought Arky, Ole Miss or Missy Sate) . Let’s hope he and I are right. 🙂