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Musical palate cleanser, we’re all sensitive people edition

College football is about to ramp up, so let’s get it on.

Nice threads, my man.


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Gary Danielson is rounding into mid-season form.

Grumble, grumble” I’ve been a bit dismayed that the Heisman now goes to best spread quarterback in college football. That’s who wins it almost every year.”

Okay, so maybe I was a little surprised he accepted the premise of Ohio State as the number one team in the country without quibbling.  Of course, he could be just biding his time with that.


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“Here’s the plain and simple of it: Georgia will not look much different from an offensive standpoint.”

In my G-Day post, I noted that what I found most striking about the offense under Schottenheimer was how little it seemed things had changed from when Bobo was directing traffic.  So I totally get what Cory Brinson is seeing when he digs a little into Schottenheimer’s philosophy as a playcaller.

That being said, how much would I love it if Schottenheimer used some of Spurrier’s tendencies against the OBC to beat South Carolina?  Yeah, pretty much.


UPDATE:  More Schottenheimer from Groo here.

You know, it occurs to me if defensive coordinators are having to spend much time combing through Schottenheimer’s NFL offenses to glean enough information to put together a game plan, maybe Richt doesn’t need to worry so much about hiding the identity of his starting quarterback.  It’s not like they don’t already have plenty of guessing to do as it is.


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Oh, Mi(ami)

You know how sometimes you don’t understand what people were thinking when they did something?

This is one of those times.


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Talent isn’t everything.

At least not if you’re comparing Georgia to Michigan State.


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“How do you figure out if a kid wiIl translate to a two- or three-year starter as a college quarterback?”

Um… don’t you just look at who had the best stats at G-Day?

Evidently there’s more to it than that.  Who could have known?


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“If they change this rule so now I can force a kid to stay with me and be my backup, I think that’s just cruel and unusual.”

The thing people – and by that, I mean certain coaches – tend to forget in blasting kids for “taking advantage” of the graduate transfer rule, is that it takes two to tango.  Players who graduate and look to move on still need a dancing partner.

Or to put it another way, “Pass a well-meaning rule, and schools will find a way to bend it.”


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