Strength of schedule, in charts and pictures

Brian Fremeau lays out his strength of schedule ratings here.  Nine of his thirteen toughest schedules belong to SEC schools.  Georgia isn’t among those, although it still comes in at a respectable 31st.

But if you really want to get a flavor for where the real scheduling advantage lies in the conference this season, you need to see this visualization of Brian’s rankings.  Click on the “Sort by conference” tab to see which ranking is unlike the others.  It’s not subtle, that’s for sure.


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8 responses to “Strength of schedule, in charts and pictures

  1. Athens Dog

    And Mizzou takes the cake again……


    • dawgtired

      Yep, I noticed that. Mizzu’s breaks can’t go on forever. Pinkel better bask while he can. UK has been out-recruiting them. I believe you can have a few good seasons with top 30 recruiting but sooner or later the lack of elite talent will catch up.


  2. Corch laughs all the way to the CFP. To be #1 with the weakest schedule in your conference should be embarrassing.


  3. Use the Chartball tool set to sort by rank and click on tOSU to see how far down the food chain Corch gets to play to win yet another MNC.

    When you set it to sort by all schools together virtually every SEC and PAC 12 school for that matter are playing a schedule almost an entire quartile harder than Corch’s bunch.

    Grumble, grumble, grumble.


  4. Athens Dog

    Bet Herbie won’t talk about it


  5. 69Dawg

    Why the WWL will argue with the SOS for tOSU. They are trying to build up the B1G so tOSU’s schedule won’t look so damn weak. Here’s hoping the SEC West wins a few of the crossover games unlike in the bowls.