The Georgia Way is alive and well.

As expected, the cost of the new IPF is projected to run about $30 million.

Also as expected, Greg McGarity wants you.  Er, your checkbook.

The board approved a cost of $30.2 million for the project, half drawn from the athletics department’s reserve fund, and the other half via fundraising…

The Board of Regents, which oversees all state universities, still must formally approve the project in a few weeks. But UGA can now start a full-fledged fundraising campaign now that the project has been formally green-lighted.

McGarity said there were already some “verbal pledges” for the project. Ideally the facility would be named for someone who provided a large donation.

“That’d be very nice,” McGarity said. “That is a priority.”

And if they can raise more than half on the side, that would be cool, too.

In fact, McGarity added, they would hope to raise even more than $15.1 million, as there are other facility projects for other sports the school hopes to build. Any extra money from the football facility fundraising could then be put toward those other projects.

Hopefully, whatever those “other projects” might be, they’ll have a longer shelf life than this one did.

The team’s current, smaller facility, which was built less than a decade ago, will be demolished to make room for the new facility.

Old IPF, we hardly knew ye.


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27 responses to “The Georgia Way is alive and well.

  1. Jasonc

    Well, there’s certainly a large and vocal group that felt we needed it, so hopefully they will continue to “voice” their support through their wallets.


  2. JCDAWG83

    I’m sure all the national championships and #1 recruiting classes going forward will make donations easy to come by. According to many, the lack of an IPF has been the main thing holding us back from being the top college football program in the country. Now that we will have one, I look for Bama, Auburn, SC, Florida, Tennessee, etc to seriously consider either dropping football as a sport or seeking membership in the ACC or Big 12 since they will know they don’t have a chance against a Georgia team with an IPF.

    Those 2 or 3 days of missed practice each year and the 1 hour bus rides to the Falcons facility have crippled our program for long enough. No more hearing that a critical 5 star recruit chose another team because he fell in love with their IPF. The real glory days of Georgia football are about to be unleashed as soon as the new IPF is finished.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    McGarity is already thinking of ways to save money. He Googled “What happened to old astroturf from the Astrodome”


  4. If that’s the “Georgia way”, then it’s universal. Name a University that doesn’t want your checkbook.


    • That’s the honest truth! I actually think funding it 50/50 between donations and the reserve fund is the proper way to go.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Athens, like all the other college towns, has become a city of palms…you gotta put yer wallet in yer front pocket walking to a game. Especially at the Butts-Mehre Heritage hall built by Slick Selig.


  5. JAX

    The Terry College just completed a successful $120mm public raise to construct a new b-school. Now Ben Ayers wants alums to contribute more for additional programs, facilities, and faculty support. On the University level, UGA is about to begin efforts to raise $1B, with each school participating in the process with individual fundraisers and distinct programs and needs (arts & sciences, journalism, etc). And now the athletic dept is embarking on a $15mm+ campaign.

    If you are on any of these radars, prepare yourself for the onslaught. It’s an arms race and UGA feels compelled to keep up with competing/aspirant schools who are doing the same – poaching our professors and stealing our students (or so UGA claims).

    I believe all this begging for money will eventually wear folks down and create some hostilities within the university structure. If you think the dinnertime calls have been annoying up until now, just you wait.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Can you imagine the weight of the mail in your box if you went to more than one college? Post-persons will be delivering in 18-wheelers.


    • KershDawg

      As stated previously, however; this isn’t only happening at UGA. It’s happening everywhere. I’m amazed at how these smaller schools have all this new construction and development yet the Board of Regents just merged many of them in a cost-savings effort. Where is the money coming from for a place like both UNG campuses to have all these new buildings?


  6. The other Doug

    Florida’s almost completed IPF will cost $15 million, so what is in ours that makes it double that?


  7. DawgPhan

    I am sure that McGarity will be asking all those new rich student athletes to kick back a little of their COA to help out. every little bit and all.


  8. Chuck

    I was thinking that “Senator Blutarsky Indoor Practice Facility” has a nice ring to it. Git ‘er done, Senator. 😉


  9. Spike

    “The Fifth Quarter”. You old timers will recall that place..


  10. Dawg Stephen

    The Dawg Stephen IPF is going to be a sight to see.