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Nightmare on Sanford Drive

Okay, I’m laughing about this now.

The nightmare (for Georgia): Nick Chubb is found to have signed some piece of memorabilia in exchange for money, and it turns out that Sony Michel was the bagman. The new quarterback is unable to get into a rhythm, and the defense allows opponents to run all over it. Vanderbilt or (more likely) South Carolina spring an early upset, and the Alabama game is a beatdown. Georgia’s ceiling drops to somewhere around 6-6, and we all have another summer season of ‘MARK RICHT IS ON THE HOT SEAT’ think pieces.

But honestly, Dawgs, don’t make me go there.



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UGA Football: Inside UGA Camp Life: 2015

This video popped up on Tuesday and is worth a watch.

Plenty there, but more than anything, I came out of it wondering how much of an impact Hocke is going to have on the team this season.  What do you guys see?


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“I have zero bitterness.”

Agent Muschamp liked everything about his time spent at Florida… except Corch.


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“The answer to the problem is not throwing money at it.”

Oh, noes!  College football administrators are in a tizzy again about spending money on student-athletes!

Funny how spending millions on coaching salaries for coaches they no longer employ, overdone facilities and their own effing salaries don’t generate such angst.

Guys, it’s real simple.  If you don’t want to offer COA stipends, don’t.  Otherwise, shut the hell up.


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Thursday morning buffet

Indulge yourselves.

  • As the Auburn-Louisville game in Atlanta approaches, prepare to hear more of this.
  • Regrets, Gene Chizik has a few.
  • Mark Schlabach predicts this is Steve Spurrier’s last season.
  • Delusional optimism, And The Valley Shook style.
  • Kids, these days.
  • Spurrier, on Finebaum“Every now and then when I listen in to your show, I know the SEC fans are a little upset at Ohio State’s schedule and rightfully so to tell you the truth.” 
  • We’ve known Bobby Petrino’s an ambitious dick.  We just didn’t know how far back that went. “He opted to join the Tigers without informing his boss, Tom Coughlin, who was alerted of his offensive coordinator’s departure through an Auburn news release.”  And so, a legend was born.
  • Les Miles overdosed on coffee this week?  Sure, I can see that.


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I’ll never look at a leaf the same way again.

John Kelley / UGA Sports Communications

When Tracy Rocker tells you to do something, you’d better do it.


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Oh, it’s on now.

D-1 football kicks off tonight at 6 PM, with North and South Carolina meeting, so it’s time to dust off one of my favorite clips to celebrate the start of another season.

As I said when I posted it last year, “A Brit who knows next to nothing about the sport, two programs I don’t care about and I still love that clip.”

If you’re not smiling at least a little right now, I don’t know what to tell you.


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