UGA Football: Inside UGA Camp Life: 2015

This video popped up on Tuesday and is worth a watch.

Plenty there, but more than anything, I came out of it wondering how much of an impact Hocke is going to have on the team this season.  What do you guys see?


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32 responses to “UGA Football: Inside UGA Camp Life: 2015

  1. dawgtired

    Talk about porn! I don’t know how they will perform but they look good.

    Listening to some of these kids you can see why the coaches lov’em and want them to succeed beyond the field.


  2. Paint

    I wish I could “un-see” him skipping past Kiffin. Excepting that, Go Dawgs!


  3. WF Dawg

    Godwin’s hands are as good as advertised.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    He (Hocke) is our Scott Cochran–that’s the first thing that came to mind less than 2 min in. We need more guys like him in the program.


  5. zramz

    Terry Godwin appears to catch everything…..excited to watch #5.

    There was also a good shot of KM4 going through drills where he looks spry & light on his feet….


  6. Baddawg

    That was great!


  7. LakeOconeeDawg

    Wow………Can hardly wait until Saturday. I just tackled my file cabinet……….


  8. James Stephenson

    Is it me, or are all those young men well spoken.


  9. Rugbydawg79

    Wow !!!


  10. Chadwick

    I see hard work and passion. That and culture change.


  11. Chuck

    Half Empty: My Debbie Downer moment was being reminded that Kublanow had to go to the internet to learn the shotgun snap — I appreciate his initiative, but shouldn’t someone on our staff be able to handle that.

    3/4 Full: Jordan Jenkins is massive, Roquan’s comment on tackling Chubb was hilarious, and, if we have a QB who can distribute the ball, going 4-wide from time to time with Malcolm, Ike, Godwin and Chigbu might give other teams something to think about other than Chubb.


  12. Chubb looks like he put on more muscle.

    Having the center look to YouTube in order to fix his snapping technique is a bit alarming. Isn’t that what coaches are for??


    • DawgPhan

      Do you expect your boss to show you how to do everything? Or do you go out and learn a new skill in order to get a new opportunity. I know I am constantly trying to improve myself so i can be better at work. I often turn to youtube and google to help me improve.

      I am really happy to have someone who wants to improve themselves and isnt willing to wait for someone to show them how to do it.


  13. Couple of observations:
    Good to see RIcht’s angelic glow is strong and ready to go (4 min mark)
    Schotty loves the word “obviously”
    Youtube is a great tool for learning


  14. dawgtired

    Schotty loves the word “obviously”…and again…


    • dawgtired

      Oh and I’m concerned about the comment Roquan Smith made…”excited about running threw the hedges”…someone should tell him…”keep it ‘tween the hedges”! 😉


      • AthensHomerDawg

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  15. Schotty – If you’re going to go high and tight with your hair, it’s reasonable to ask to shave your neck beard. Keep the scruff if you want, but obviously you’re spending time/money on grooming.

    Or maybe we can nickname him NeckBeard the Pirate.


  16. Americus Dawg

    Goose bumps … thanks for the post Senator!


  17. MykieSee

    My truckload of Koolaid just arrived!!!


  18. GaBoi 3000

    Great bunch of guys! The team seems to have that blue collar, lunch pale mentality approach to the season. I like it…………………….I like it a lot!