Fabris Pool reminder

For those of you who have signed up but not made your selections yet, those picks aren’t going to choose themselves.

And for those of you want to play but haven’t enrolled, there’s still time.  Click here to sign up.


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16 responses to “Fabris Pool reminder

  1. tbia

    point spreads or just picks?


  2. Cojones

    Meant to remind you yesterday or else about 30 signees need to leave the cookies alone until after selections. BTW, the hardest pick is UGA. I’ve changed my pick twice because it all resides on how distant the score could become before Richt sends in the Fr, but you don’t know how much they will score either. That’s a lot of points and I’ve seen it go both ways.

    Prediction: The UL-M game will be the bellweather game that determines our mindset for pursuing national attention and awards linked to stats for the team and individual players; ie, how long will we leave Chubb in, according to yardage gained that’s needed in his average against mightier Ds, according to how tired he is or according to how many yards we want Sony and Keith to get? Or will we leave him in because we have to?


    • PTC DAWG

      I doubt he plays much more than a series in the second half. That is my hope anyways.


    • Trbodawg

      Also my dilemma, 35.5 pts is a lot of points. FWIW, in our three previous meetings with ULM, we’ve won by more than 36 pts, so I’m picking the Dawgs…



    Entered…Took Whiskey and Leweyville…wish that Georgia Southern had been on there..I think they are a lock.


  4. Geezus

    What’s the pool name again?


  5. Geezus

    Never mind, got the invite.


  6. Thanks for setting this up again Senator. I love making the picks. I hate seeing the results. At least I get to feel reasonable and smart for a few fleeting moments!!


  7. Trbodawg

    I need a second entry, my g/f wants to play


  8. Noonan

    The Fabris Invitational is a great tool to remind me why I don’t bet on sports. I have started playing daily fantasy, and it is a lot of fun.


  9. ApalachDawg

    I forgot how to find the pool after logging in? Help please.