“He wasn’t happy and neither were we.”

So, how often over the next few days do you think Pruitt’s gonna remind his players that Rashon Ceaser was named Sun Belt Conference offensive player of the week?


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  1. Uglydawg

    Really, Rashon Ceaser and his QB are to be admired. I hope we can get a similar game chemistry between a couple of our guys.
    We all know that Spurrier has his QB and receivers working on the hot-potato toss.. It’s hard to defend..but dangerous to run because of the likelihood of the ball bouncing off the receiver…the receiver having his head removed…and the quick pic that is pretty easy go take to the house.



    Dude can play..congrats.


  3. mwo

    I bet the ULM qb got out of bed like he was 120 years old Sunday morning.


  4. Mike Cooley

    Yeah the ULM qb payed dearly for any success he had. He absolutely got the hell beat out of him.


  5. I really don’t get what the Warhawk’s coach was thinking leaving him in so long. I know he was playing well, but it’s a payday game that was never really in reach, and the Georgia defense was mauling him. ULM’s coach risked getting him hurt for nothing more than pride.


  6. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but despite the success our defense, it still allowed a player to look like a world beater like Eric Ainge of 2007 game vs UT at Sanford. Of course that game was a disaster in the second half for the Dawgs.


  7. I’m referring to Rashon Caesar, though the QB had something to do with it.


    • RocketDawg

      Come on man do we have to make everything into a shit sandwich? Spread offense and a damn good receiver. Players like that get their yards. They scored 14 points….give it a rest


  8. Bulldog Joe

    We thank them for the warning shot.

    We have work to do in coverage on the slants and posts.


  9. AusDawg85

    Was it really that hard to just put someone on him at the line and jam him?


    • Sh3rl0ck

      I would have to watch the game again to verify, but, IIRC, they were playing a pattern matching zone defense for the entirety of the two TD drives. It looked like Pruitt was determined to have a six man box and two high safeties. That only leaves three guys to cover (i.e. to line up over, not “pass coverage”) the four receivers. Since it is a pattern matching zone, if the uncovered slot receiver cuts inside he comes the ILB’s responsibility, if he run a deep route, the safety takes him in man coverage. The problem is when they run the three step drop hitches and quick in routes. Neither defender can get to the soft spot of the zone quickly enough and the safety has to make an open field tackle. That is exactly ULM ran over and over on those two drives. Pruitt finally adjusted after the rain delay.

      PSA to everyone for the USC game. The Old Ball Sack will call a lot of 4 wide “trips” sets. Expect an automatic check to a three step drop pattern when the slot is uncovered. I hope that Pruitt has a cover 2 robber call from that same look as that has pick six written all over it.


  10. I haven’t read the article but I hope Pruitt and everyone also recognize and give proper credit for the dude just being a badass and for their QB being a gamer. I hope we can have something even close to that.


  11. Macallanlover

    Not surprised, Caesar is a talent but the QB taking those shots and getting up just to take another while delivering the ball right on target would get my MVP for the War Hawks. Every time I thought he would just throw it away the next time to save himself, only to see him hitting another receiver in the numbers. The coach should have been running the clock out, I think they lost 2-3 players for the year in that game.


  12. Cojones

    The jury is no longer out on the secondary. Worried about that last year in spite of the rankings. Seems to be true, endemic and has to be about more than one player out of position on various plays. No player’s head could be that screwed up that long, whereas, the players certainly fit the athletic bill. Nope, something else is wrong and I suspect coaching. It doesn’t matter the name, reputation or our love for any of the coaches. The problem is staring back at us unanswered after a year and that leaves me pass-cringing until we go several games with good and focused secondary thinking.

    It’s up to the coaches to put that thinking into place and communicate the correct play to the players. No way do we have players still playing off HS habits at this stage and after a great fall camp. Not these athletes. Now every team out there will put them through the passing gauntlet until the problem is cured.

    At least they weren’t as out of place as Va T seemed to be at times last night.


    • Atticus

      What could you possibly be talking about? The secondary last year was LIGHT years better than in the past. They secured more turnovers and gave up FAR less yards and were the best in the conference against big plays…..all that including kicking several players off the team and starting a true freshmen at FS. Last years team was about the run defense. The secondary wasn’t the problem. And this team has FAR more talent in the secondary than last year. This game was a product of a good player getting yards in a game that was irrelevant in terms of any chance at losing.


      • Cojones

        Before the season started, I mentioned that we were lucky last year in several games because the opponents receivers didn’t hang onto a lot of tosses. I’ve said it before during 2014. I’ve also said that the secondary bears watching for reasons already given.

        Look at my second sentence and ..”in spite of the rankings.” Maybe if I kept the comment to “passes completed” only, the point may become more clear to you, but you still wouldn’t see the dropped passes by the opponents unless you review all of last year’s film. I’ve already mentioned that the run D deficiencies may have caused us to overlook the reality past the stats. I’m not comparing to last year’s team, only stating where my comment came from.


  13. Brandon (Version 1)

    We were biting on the read option way too often, but I also thought Ceasar and Smith were pretty good players.


  14. Russ

    Pharaoh Cooper approves.