Willie Martinez takes his medicine.

And, no, it’s not to coach Tennessee’s secondary this week against Oklahoma.

It sounds like ol’ Two Thumbs has a firm grasp of the bump rule.

According to the letter, Martinez was one of several college coaches who were in the football coaches’ office at the high school in question. At one point, Martinez excused himself from the office, and encountered the athlete in question during that period. During Tennessee’s investigation of the incident, the letter said, it was not able to determine the length of the encounter and obtained responses from other coaches present that said the meeting lasted anywhere from 2-3 minutes to 20-30.

Twenty to thirty minutes?  That’s some bump you got there.


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7 responses to “Willie Martinez takes his medicine.

  1. IndyDawg

    Willie is sticks better than his DBs.


  2. CannonDawg

    ” . . . anywhere from 2-3 minutes to 20-30.”

    If it’s recruiting, the amount of time may not be as consequential; it’s still a bump and it’s therefore illegal. But if it’s Viagra, the amount of time is most certainly consequential.


  3. Ben

    But it was just a shoulder bump. The kid regained his balance and went on to score immediately afterward.


  4. Cojones

    Willie can’t help it if the player’s name is Apiss.


  5. Willie did not allow the kid to turn around and face his classroom the entire time the conversation took place. No doubt improper contact occurred.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Willie Martinez…is that the guy with the towel? No, wait….