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“Obviously you gameplan against who you’re going against, so we didn’t show the whole playbook.”

I think the thrust of this article is right – it’s hard to say if Georgia was deliberately holding back parts of the playbook Saturday, because there was no real need to do more.

And John Theus nails the Theory of Great Offensive Playcalling in one take with this:

“But obviously Greyson showed that he can throw the ball, and we can throw it if we need to. Why fix something that’s not broken? So if we’re running the ball and it keeps working, hopefully coach Schotty just keeps calling it like it was. That’s what wins games.”

Amen to that.



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Got a couple of hours to kill?  Okay, then here you go.


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What makes Mark Richt happy?

I’ve always thought an eight-minute drive to close out a win is Richt’s favorite thing in the world.  This may be a close second, though.


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The state of the SEC East race, in two bites

Back to back from my Twitter feed:

So Georgia is continuing to live up to its reputation of having one of the most efficient offenses in the country, while Tennessee’s defense is giving up big plays (to a MAC squad!) like there’s no tomorrow.

Remind me again why the Vols are the trendy pick to take the division this season, will ‘ya?


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Youth will be served. And quickly.

Bet you weren’t expecting to see this:

All that, while trying to chase a division title and more?

If you wanted more of a sense of urgency out of Mark Richt, perhaps there’s your sign.


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Turn the machines back on!

Andy Staples:

Less than two weeks ago, Texas coach Charlie Strong told me this regarding the Longhorns’ season opener against Notre Dame: “I look at how last season ended. We can’t start off like last season. Because everything you’ve built up to this point is gone in a matter of three and a half hours. Now you’re talking about trying to regroup and get them to go play 11 more.”

So, now what?

Glad you asked.

After yet another blowout loss in which the Longhorns looked completely overmatched, Texas coach Charlie Strong said Monday he’d like to ”restart” the season.

No shit, Sherlock.


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Upon further review, outsourced

I usually try to watch the replay within a day or so and then report back if I saw anything of note that I didn’t catch live.  I haven’t had the time to do that yet, but fortunately, Seth Emerson has done the heavy lifting for you here.

I don’t see much there that’s new to me, except I was a bit floored by Seth’s note that the second block of one of Lambert’s passes was made by a 5-foot-10 linebacker.  Oof.

But Seth also mentions something I should have noted in my Observations post yesterday:

Still, don’t take Lambert’s other passes for granted. They hit the receivers in the hands, allowing them to make plays. Take the quick slant to Sony Michel, which was in stride, and it ended up a 45-yard catch-and-run.

There was a lot of that.  And you can include Ramsey’s beautiful throw to Godwin in there.  There were almost no drops I can remember, too.  Sure, some new players at work there.  But I have to think that Schottenheimer and McClendon might deserve a decent amount of credit.


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Sweet move, bro.

Regardless of how you feel about Ohio State, you have to admit Braxton Miller put one helluva spin move on a couple of Virginia Tech defenders last night.

You can go pick up your jock now, son.


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Having had enough of Mark Richt to last a lifetime

Thirteen-year old caller to the Finebaum Show calls for Richt’s head.


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“We’re committed to special teams.”

Remember when we used to fret about whether AJ Green should be returning kicks or punts?  Remember the Logan Gray, fair catch specialist, era?

My how times have changed.

“We like to have starters that are on offense and defense on our special teams because we know they’re outstanding players,” Richt said. “We have guys taking an awful lot of pride in the special teams area — Sony being one of them, being one of our better special teams players. Football is football, you have to get out there and play. Special teams play can be just as explosive as any other play, and a lot of times has a greater chance being a game-changing play.”

You may be late to the party, Coach, but you’re still welcome.

Also, it helps to be running a full roster.


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