“It’s the circle of Vol.”

Tom Fornelli’s “The Evolution Of The Tennessee Fan” is worth your time.  Totally.


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  1. steve

    Just as a refresher I looked up ‘the circle of Vol’ in my anatomy and physiology textbooks.
    ‘A round orifice located in the male between the insertion of the scrotum and the tip of the coccyx and surrounded by gluteus on both sides. Easily collapsible and occasionally distended with a substance known as ‘Vol’, hence ‘circle of Vol’. Occasionally used to park objects, hence Elton ‘Vol’ John. And recently implicated in climate change, hence ‘bovine ‘vol’ methane eruptions’. To Tennessee football fans this orifice is playfully known as a ‘5th quarter volicious distraction’ and results in frequent visits to the ED for object removal, creams, stitches, and steroids. Gives Rocky Top a whole new meaning and may explain Sargent Carter’s choice of plaid sport-coats.


  2. mikebozo

    I am surprised to see “evolution” and Tennessee fan used in the same sentence


    • Uglydawg

      mikebozo..When Darwin was traveling to the Galapogos,(where history has wrongly assigned the inspiration for his theory), he had a layover in Knoxville. That’s where the ball really got rolling. The Galapogos were a twisted valadation of what Charles observed there in the foothills of the Smokies.
      His original work, “Depletion of the Orange Species; Unnatural Selection in a Limited Gene Pool”, is lost because a UT librarian sent the only copy to the swim team coach.


  3. Ole Dokes

    Did anyone see #10 on that list?!? Distasteful, yet brilliant ploy by K State band. Comedy Gold!


    • Cojones

      They thought the Jayhawks found it tasteful.

      The Tenn collage missed the Tenn grad school’s anal intoxication method perfected by Pikes who used tubes instead of the original “ole bottle up the ass’.


  4. HVL Dawg

    That kid in the orange plaid jumper says Butch has to go. No championships in his lifetime.