The SEC Way?

This is interesting.  Sankey announced at SEC Media Days that the conference was creating a working group on player conduct; the conference has now named the members of that group.  That’s not the interesting part.  This is:

“Student-athlete conduct is a topic of serious concern for leaders in higher education today because the actions of a few individuals can have a devastating effect on the reputation of an entire program and institution,” said Loftin. “The SEC is taking a proactive position in addressing this issue by analyzing contributing factors as well as considering practical measures and best practices to positively impact student-athlete conduct now and into the future.”

The working group will review and discuss existing NCAA and Conference policies governing student-athlete conduct and related eligibility outcomes; standards for institutional fulfillment of expectations associated with SEC transfer requirements for personal conduct; as well as University and athletic department best practices and policies governing conduct of students and student-athletes.

In addition, the group will look at issues and policies arising in other conferences which may inform decision-making within the SEC; State and Federal legislation related to student discipline and reporting; drug testing policies and procedures; and other related issues as determined by the working group.  [Emphasis added.]

Is that a hint that the conference might consider a more uniform approach?  I’m skeptical, but who knows?


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27 responses to “The SEC Way?

  1. TimberRidgeDawg

    Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this working group.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Working group?! The importance of these issues suggests, no, demands, a blue ribbon panel!


  3. AusDawg85

    This should be easy…observe everything Auburn does and know that’s not the way to do it.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    The LSU representative thinks drug testing has something to do with trying before you buy. But seriously even if the rule is changed UGA will still enforce its school policy, which will be stricter.


  5. Cojones

    Sounds like your skepticism may be tested. Don’t worry, we all know that you would like to see the playing field leveled for Georgia. We hope so as well.


    • Cojones

      It certainly is an interesting development that’s meant to clean a little shit off the streets left by those who don’t give a…. wait a minute…memes die hard here at gtp.


  6. Aunt Edna

    With the money this conference generates it’s disappointing that we can’t contract with an impartial third party to conduct mandatory drug testing with set guidelines on punishment. Based on what we know the effect on UGA would be nil. The effect on LSU, Auburn, etc would be profound.


  7. Macallanlover

    It is an encouraging first step regardless of where it ends up. The 30 year stain at Miami, and more recently the FSU publicity, is strong evidence that reputations of universities are at risk….and not easily regained.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Sankey’s working group hopes to get as good a review from SB Nation as the other working group did:

    “Thus follows a terrifying review of the working group, mostly comprised of dogs designed for war, controlling huge animals, the pursuit of frightened humans, and for invasions of other planets.”


  9. Uglydawg

    It wont make schools like Auburn more will just make them sneakier. Their reputation, in the Southeast, where this sort of stuff is discussed , is already on a par with FSU’s and Miami’s.
    But, as I’ve said before, the problem isn’t that they’re corrupt..the problem is that their fans don’t mind..and if the BORs and governing bodies and execuitives fear the masses (that only care about winning) they’re stuck with what it is.
    We may need to go back ane rethink Jan Kemp (not that most haven’t) . The woman put Georgia, kicking and screaming, on the track to avoid this mindset (The Institution exists first and foremost to give us something to be proud of..a great football team). Sadly, some people take Georgia’s actual enforcement of discipline policies and twist it into the “Georgia’s got a discipline problem” lie. We counter that by replying..”No..Georgia actually practices discipline”.
    FSU and Auburn are the most high-profile bandits right now..they may just be a lawsuit by a Kempsian type from having to bite the bullet and feel some real pain.
    It’s really amazing when you imagine that these are all supposedly institutions of higher learning and the sports teams are supposedly students before they are atheletes…That ship sailed a long time ago.
    Auburn is stuck in an enigmatic frame of hatred of Alabama while wanting more than anything else, to become Alabama. It’s wierd. I think it’s called jealousy.
    (disclaimer..I know every AU fan isn’t like this and I’m not painting you all individually with this brush..but collectively, that’s the picture a lot of us get).


  10. A lot of people doubted that the sec would address over signing (not me). They did and things have gotten better. It seems to me that UGA and UF have made strides in the area of discipline and are tired of some other’s lack of concern. There are probably a few who wonder what would have happened if the Hernandez affair had occurred in Gainesville? What happens when some idiot seriously injures or kills a girlfriend? The intersection of responsibility and protecting an investment.

    Either they’ll do something helpful or they’ll become the fall guy for every problem.
    Q: Les we understand your quarterback killed 8 last night in a drug deal right before game time. Why did you sit him the first quarter?

    A: well this working group said that we needed to provide support to him in this time of crisis by ensuring that he was not “over disciplined.” Not my call any more. I have to leave all that up to the conference officials.


  11. I know a fella that knows Sankey (and I think he even used to frequent “my” Starbucks, but apparently I had no idea who he was anyways) and from what little I’ve heard and seen about him, I have to wonder if he’ll make it very long as commish.

    Reason? I think he’s a legit good guy with good intentions. One has to wonder if he has the chops for this job or, if nuts like us Alabama fans will put up with folks like him. Should be interesting.


  12. At this point, with all the loot we’ve passed around in the early stages, SEC football should be proud! To “Shanghai” all of this loot from the NCAA is remarkable! The NCAA’s head is in a swivet! Just wait until we move on getting our real share of the NCAA basketball tournament! Institute a few basic rules we can all come to a concensus (something pretty minor) and we can pretty much load our cash! We don’t need them at all! Municipalities which are being fleeced on stadium deals will line up at our doors for joint ventures! Rupp Arena is just losing revenue potential unless they move now to upgrade their BB palace! Once the conferences have the power imagine what we can accomplish!


  13. In other news- one of our future opponents (Southern) is playing Miss Valley State on ESPNU. Yeah, it’s SWAC but it’s still better than the NFL and the Tom Brady circle jerk.


    • JG Shellnutt

      Yeah, but seeing David Andrews do so well is pretty cool.


    • AusDawg85

      Holy crap that looks like a high school football game. Doesn’t look like there are 100 people in the bleachers. I get why we’ve scheduled them, but it’s embarrassing and can’t see how it can really help us prep for Bama.


      • Dog in Fla

        “Doesn’t look like there are 100 people in the bleachers.”

        If you subtract the number of Georgia fans, that will be equal to the number of fans in Dudley Field this Saturday