Friday morning buffet

Congrats.  You’ve made it this far, so nibble a little.

  • Are preseason polls better predictors of team strength than polls later in the season?  The answer may surprise you.
  • Another excellent piece from Chris Brown, this one on the power running game.
  • “A lot of kickers need coaching. Obviously I need it, and I go somewhere else to get it.”
  • We have an easy winner for Moron Of the Week.
  • Jerry Hinnen’s got a nice preview of the Georgia-Vandy game here.  Vandy’s bad in the secondary, so there’s another reason to see if Lambert can stretch the field more this week.
  • This Saturday, Florida will deploy its ninth different starting quarterback since 2009.  Between that and the musical chairs at the receivers coach position, it’s no wonder the Gator passing game has been almost nonexistent.
  • SEC coaches talking behind the backs of SEC West head coaches.
  • Even Josh Dobbs is amazed to learn that Tennessee’s last win as a ranked team came at the end of the 2007 season.


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13 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Gurkha Dawg

    The moron wearing the Confederate flag goes to Pace University? The same Pace U that is located in New York City? Damn racist Yankees.


    • Cousin Eddie

      But I thought only Southerners were racist? Is that why the had to comment about the SC football team and Spurrier?


      • Gurkha Dawg

        Yep, people are the same everywhere. It makes some people feel better about themselves if they think they are superior to others.


    • Mayor

      I agree it’s stupid and racist. But whatever happened to “I disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death to preserve your right to say it.” We no longer have free speech in this country. If someone says or does something that is politically incorrect he/she is subject to being fired, or in this case, kicked off a football team and possibly out of school. It is okay IMHO to point out that the guy is an idiot–even make fun of him or shun him. That is YOUR free speech. But it crosses the line when people want other people fired or kicked of an athletic team for saying or doing something that they disagree with politically, even as extreme as this is. This PC stuff is getting close to attempted mind control.


      • Billy Mumphrey

        Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. I would fire any of my employees for saying stupid, racist stuff in a public forum because it reflects poorly on my company and may cost me money.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    UF’s had six offensive coordinators in eight years by my count (Nussmeier, Roper, Pease, Weis, Addazio, and Mullen).

    It shouldn’t be a surprise they’ve had so many players at quarterback.


  3. The bit on kickers isn’t surprising because even high school kickers work with specialists. Then you have the fact that colleges are also getting kickers from other sports like rugby and soccer and many who are from other countries.


  4. The whole confederate flag thing is funny and sad to me. Hell we could all be offended by something. It’s amazing our society is as productive as it is and, honestly, it seems like the guy is mocking the confederate flag but everyone is in such a rush to be offended they miss it. I mean…the guy is WEARING the flag. Smh


  5. Barrett Sallee is telling us how Jones has rebuilt UT so it must be true. Ut fans will tell you that Jones is a winner so it must be true.


  6. Huntindawg

    It almost looks like the Confederate flag guy is making fun of racists – is it actually a mockery?