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“I really wanted to impose my will against Vanderbilt.”

Don’t let your concern over quarterback play cause you to overlook Jordan Jenkins’ monster day:  a game-high 11 tackles, including 5.5 for a loss and two sacks.  He played his ass off in a game his team needed him to.


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No, that’s not my temperature right now.

It’s Greyson Lambert’s passer rating from today’s game.  It’s the lowest number a Georgia starting QB has posted since, ironically enough, the last time Georgia played in Nashville.  That day, of course, was marked by a lack of skill position talent due to a rash of injuries.  That was not the case today.

I’d be curious to hear from those of you who were upset with me last week for questioning Lambert’s readiness.  Maybe that year in Charlottesville told us more than you thought, eh?



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BREAKING: General Francisco Franco is still dead.

And they’re still taking precautionary measures in Oxford, Mississippi.


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“It just really sucked.”

The truth hurts, eh?

Three of the last four games in Nashville have been decided by five or fewer points.

“Vanderbilt has always been able to compete with Georgia, especially here in Nashville,” Commodores coach Derek Mason said.

Said Richt: “That’s something we’ve got to work on; we’ve got to solve. We’ve got to play better at Vanderbilt than we have been, and that’s one of our big challenges. … We just haven’t played extremely well there.”

Okay, not extremely well.  But well enough, for the most part.

Vandy beat Georgia in 2013 in the Bulldogs’ most recent visit to Nashville, but Georgia still has won 18 of the past 20 and 35 of the past 40 (there was one tie in there) in the series.

And what do advanced stats tell us about today’s game?  Er, it’s not pretty.


VANDERBILT                  GEORGIA                   THE EDGE

F/+ -10.0% (78)               F/+ 53.1% (5)                    GEORGIA

FEI -0.042 (76)                FEI 0.211 (5)                    GEORGIA

S&P+ -2.9 (75)                 S&P+ 23.1 (4)                  GEORGIA

FPI 4.3 (53)                       FPI 24.3 (5)                     GEORGIA

OS&P+ 19.2 (106)          DS&P+ 20.9 (39)             GEORGIA

DS&P+ 22.1 (42)            OS&P+ 44.0 (12)             GEORGIA

Spread 21.0                      Spread -21.0                   GEORGIA

Which leaves us with what may be today’s biggest question.  What’s between the ears of the guys on the red and black sideline?  As Towers writes, “That’s the thing about this year’s trip: Georgia will be neither physically limited nor emotionally unprepared.”  All true, but that just leaves us with wondering if that will be the key to Georgia taking care of business, or if it winds up meaning little more than two less excuses they’ll have after a shoddy performance.

Let’s hope Jordan Jenkins won’t be repeating himself tonight.


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