“It just really sucked.”

The truth hurts, eh?

Three of the last four games in Nashville have been decided by five or fewer points.

“Vanderbilt has always been able to compete with Georgia, especially here in Nashville,” Commodores coach Derek Mason said.

Said Richt: “That’s something we’ve got to work on; we’ve got to solve. We’ve got to play better at Vanderbilt than we have been, and that’s one of our big challenges. … We just haven’t played extremely well there.”

Okay, not extremely well.  But well enough, for the most part.

Vandy beat Georgia in 2013 in the Bulldogs’ most recent visit to Nashville, but Georgia still has won 18 of the past 20 and 35 of the past 40 (there was one tie in there) in the series.

And what do advanced stats tell us about today’s game?  Er, it’s not pretty.


VANDERBILT                  GEORGIA                   THE EDGE

F/+ -10.0% (78)               F/+ 53.1% (5)                    GEORGIA

FEI -0.042 (76)                FEI 0.211 (5)                    GEORGIA

S&P+ -2.9 (75)                 S&P+ 23.1 (4)                  GEORGIA

FPI 4.3 (53)                       FPI 24.3 (5)                     GEORGIA

OS&P+ 19.2 (106)          DS&P+ 20.9 (39)             GEORGIA

DS&P+ 22.1 (42)            OS&P+ 44.0 (12)             GEORGIA

Spread 21.0                      Spread -21.0                   GEORGIA

Which leaves us with what may be today’s biggest question.  What’s between the ears of the guys on the red and black sideline?  As Towers writes, “That’s the thing about this year’s trip: Georgia will be neither physically limited nor emotionally unprepared.”  All true, but that just leaves us with wondering if that will be the key to Georgia taking care of business, or if it winds up meaning little more than two less excuses they’ll have after a shoddy performance.

Let’s hope Jordan Jenkins won’t be repeating himself tonight.


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47 responses to ““It just really sucked.”

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    I didn’t expect the Dawgs to cover the 35 point spread against ULM last week and they did. They’ll be highly motivated against Vandy and I expect them to cover the 21 points today. I also find it hard the believe their front 7 on defense will be able to slow or shutdown our running game. Hopefully, they’ll prove me right.


    • gastr1

      I agree on both points. It’s too early in the season to take them for granted and they are obviously not very good. We win easily.


  2. mwo

    Mark Richt has the same record against Vandy that he has against Tech. Which one is the bigger threat?


  3. Uglydawg

    As much as I love CMR..this has been his shotfall, IMHO.
    He has often misjudged his teams’ attitudes going into “gimme” games and has thus not adjusted said attitude. The days of playing to the level of the opponent have hopefully passed…hopefully.
    I think of the debacles against UCF, Vandy, UF last year, USCe last year, GT last year, and worry. Yet there have been times when Georgia played above the level (against Alabama in ATL for example..the hobnailed boot game in Knoxville) of what was their perceived ceiling and I hope.
    While one can say that all teams experience this sine-wave of effort..and they might..few have made an art-form of it like UGA in the last ten years or so. That’s why I’ve always said the Dawg’s need another Erk Russell. I was dumb enough to believe Grantham was going to be it, esp after he went after Franklin..and now I’m believing CJP just might be a quiet and serious version of Erk.
    Beating the snot out of the next three opponents will go a long way to convincing me that the problem (playing to the level) is solved.


    • Uglydawg

      AND..if you wonder why UGA doesn’t get the respect many of us think it should in the media and polls..this is why. Start playing on a consistant level and the respect will eventually come..
      I don’t believe there are 9 better teams than Georgia right now…but Georgia will have to prove that in aces to convince the voters.


      • JCDAWG83

        I think Georgia gets all the respect it deserves and a little more. Anyone who has paid any attention to Georgia for the past 10 years, if they are truly objective, would say Georgia is going to lose 2 games a year it should easily win and will probably under perform. I think we are generally ranked higher to start the season than we really deserve. Our higher ranking is probably based on talent and schedule.

        It’s time to change the conventional wisdom on Georgia football.


        • Free Shoes U

          Change begins today? Lets hope. I actually like GA today -21. QB stats last time in Nashville: 101 passing yards, 1 int. The biggest gains for most teams are between weeks one and two. I don’t see GA taking a step backwards today…. and I’m 2nd most skeptical on this blog. Might see a 300 yard passing and rushing performance.


        • dudemankind

          An old buddy from upstate NY, a big college football fan who loves to watch the SEC, just left me a voice mail poking fun about UGA and asking which 2 games we were going to blow, and which meaningless bowl game we would play in.


      • Dog in Fla

        “the voters”

        Just because each of the 13 member Death Panel agents is licensed to kill our hopes and dreams doesn’t mean they’ve got the market cornered on triskaidekaphobia




        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Wow. Psychedelic!


          • Dog in Fla

            I’m glad you liked it. I hope you’ll like this up close and personal with one of your Committee Members even better:

            Note the briefcase hand-cuffed to his dominant arm when he attends the Committee meetings at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center just minutes from the DFW airport. Condi is always seated to his right. She has the keys to the cuffs. He has not yet fumbled

            It is expected that the next opening on the Committee will also go to an old gang that couldn’t shoot straight member who is pale, rested and ready and always carries a sawed-off


    • Got Cowdog?

      New OC new DC. We shall see.


  4. Athens Dog

    Walked around the stadium this morning around 7:30. About 30 tent/ tailgates going. UGA 30. Vandy 0. It’s hard to take them seriously. Which is why we struggle. Hopefully they are focused today.


  5. Macallanlover

    I have said for months, there is something different about the chemistry of this team. They give the impression they just quietly, confidently will take care of business and avoid the mental let downs of prior years’ players. The lack of drama during the off season was an indicator, the missing bizarre tweets and leaks we have had from ego maniacs reinforced this, and the support/teaching reports about competing players is another. We take care of business in Nashville today despite a determined effort from the Vandy defensive front. We will open things up with a successful passing day and let the running game wear them out. Should be a fun day for all Dawg fans, just need to leave there with no significant injuries. Go Dawgs!!


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ixnay on the ainbray artfay.



    I haven’t checked other teams scores at Vandy..but I think the lack of atmosphere actually hurts the road teams myself.


  8. JT (the other one)

    A little bird told me that the team is VERY aware of the past in Nashville AND VERY much want’s to leave no doubt about who is the better team…I think they are mentality prepared.


  9. mikebozo

    No way Dawgs lose today. The team will exorcize the demons today.

    Oh and Aubuurn sure sucks today. Hahahhaha


  10. Doctor Pepper

    Scheduled right in between UT and UF. Injury disasters of biblical proportions for UGA. Best Vandy team of last 25 years. Targeting. Horrendous officiating. We were lucky to be in it late, much less leading in the 4th. I’m pretty sure this visit to Nashville will be different. It already is from a circumstantial standpoint.


  11. Russ

    Is this a joke? How f’n bad can we play?


  12. Uglydawg

    So far three glaring coaching errors.

    Hand off to Chubb to start the game..stuffed…you know that’s a wasted huge opportunity. You use that.

    Running Chubb on the quick play right after his long run..Rookish coaching error.
    .3. calling a time out and icing your own kicker on a FG..That was just dumb.
    Also, I’m ready to see KM as the second back. I think he’s stronger than SM>
    Defense looks great…Offensive scheme is so far underwhelming. Just the opposite of what we expected..but it’s early and I’m opto…but suspicious that we still know how to shoot our own feet.
    Too bad about the ejection for targeting…Dejavu sucks.
    Great runback on the punt!


  13. Americus Dawg

    Big officiating mistake on the hands to the face call of Floyd!


  14. dudemankind

    These guys are likely gonna make me fret and drink too much beer today.


  15. Is that Greg Talley?


  16. We got a qb problem, fella’s


  17. Dolly Llama

    I hope “It Just Sucked” doesn’t turn out to be prophecy for this weird piece of shit game.


  18. mikebozo

    Damn thought we were going to get the vandy monkey off our backs.

    On the bright side we don’t sick as bad as Aubuurn…..yet


  19. Special teams, defense and running game. We’re good at those.


  20. Correction: running game, defense and a PORTION of special teams. We’re good at those.


  21. Gave up yards but great stand by the D. Secondary should get better.


  22. Dolly Llama

    Damn, what a weird game.


  23. Dolly Llama

    So was that game closer than the score indicates, or not as close?

    I still can’t get over the “hands to the face” call. I mean, I just don’t see how in the HELL anybody could watch that play and tell me there was any hands to the face on our man’s part.


  24. Coweta Dawg

    So next week we can pull out the real playbook,right?


  25. fred russo

    We suck Lambert sucks! How long has Ramsey been with us and we have not developed him????