SEC Power Poll, Week Two

So much for last week’s “SEC is back, baby!” narrative.

  1. Alabama.  Another week of staying above the fray, and it looks like the Tide has settled on a quarterback.  But I’m sure Saban can find fault with something.
  2. Texas A&M.  Arizona State may not be what we thought, but I’m not going to penalize TAMU for taking care of business in its cupcake game.
  3. Mississippi.  Back to back seventy-three-point outbursts are nothing to sneer at.
  4. Georgia.  A road win against a conference opponent is a road win against a conference opponent, y’all.
  5. LSU.  I’m beginning to think the Tigers are the West’s analogue to Georgia.  Or maybe Georgia is the East’s analogue to LSU.
  6. Tennessee.  Yeah, I moved the Vols up after a loss.  That’s how good the rest of the conference’s week was.
  7. Auburn.  Pulled off an epic, come from behind overtime win against Alabama… er, a West division rival… um, an SEC opponent… a Sun Belt team?… eh, forget about it.
  8. Mississippi State.  Three quarters of sloppy play were just a little too much for one quarter of excellence to overcome.  Which may be a metaphor for MSU’s season.
  9. Kentucky.  I hesitate to say that a road win at South Carolina reflects a changing of the guard in the SEC East, but you have to think the improved recruiting that’s occurred under Stoops is paying off.
  10. Missouri.  Winning ugly is both winning and ugly.
  11. Florida.  The potential game-tying drive is aborted when the ball slips out of the quarterback’s sweaty hand.  Well played, Swamp.
  12. South Carolina.  Has anyone considered the possibility that Spurrier got caught looking forward to the Georgia game?
  13. Arkansas.  Lose to Toledo after giving Ohio State crap about its schedule? Karma.
  14. Vanderbilt.  Second straight week the Commodores covered the spread.  Derek Mason is on a roll.


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20 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Two

  1. dawgtired

    I’m believe the comments on UK is right on. Stoops has been recruiting. I wondered when it would show…or IF it would show. I’m not sure of Stoops’ coaching skills yet. Of course you could say SCar is down…but that didn’t matter much before. UK looked solid the first half. Maybe youth took over in the second and they started celebrating too early. It’s hard to read. It was a tale of two halves for sure.


  2. DugLite

    That’s some good snark Bluto.


  3. I’m waiting for someone to write that the OBS didn’t have his team ready to play, they soiled the bed, or some such comment.

    By the way, we still owe Spurrier a trip behind the woodshed for his classless actions in 1995 especially since this may be his last visit to Sanford Stadium.


  4. Uglydawg

    I’d have the Barn a little lower…and if we see KY gel and play four quarters, they’ll be moving up in what may be the weakest east we’ve seen.


  5. Aunt Edna

    Trying to be positive, at least we’re not going in to the USCe game with false confidence from a blowout Vandy win.


  6. Ole Miss and ATM too high. Missou and UK too low.


  7. Rp

    Gotta give the radio guy credit for his reference to Auburn’s thrilling OT victory over their “cross-state rival.”


  8. We’ll have to see later in the season if Ole Miss and A&M can hold on their positions. Last season both of them slid off the mountain.


  9. Uglydawg

    Ole Miss has something that the Dawgs don’t have…a killer instinct and a bad ass attitude. That’s good for a couple of wins a year.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Ole Miss has several things the Dawgs don’t have:

      -30,000 less seats in their home stadium
      -A punk at Quarterback
      -the NCAA sniffing around their cheating program
      -A blowout loss in a big-time bowl
      -A 40+ year hiatus from an SEC title
      -Perennial absence from the SEC championship game.

      I think Ole Miss is pretty good, but blowout wins vs. cupcakes mean virtually nothing. We’ll find out what they’re made of in the next few weeks. Florida beat Easter Michigan like 66-0 last year. That was not indicative of how explosive their offense was going to be. Ole Miss was shut out and blown out by an Arkansas team we housed last year. Slow down, partner.


      • Uglydawg

        Don’t disagree. I forgot about the QB and it’s enough to for me to wish them ill…but there aren’t a lot of scruples in the West. Ole Miss can help us out by beating their SECe opponents, though.


      • Bulldog Joe

        that 10-game losing streak head-to-head.


  10. LSU is a good QB away from being every bit as good as Bama.


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  12. SouthernYank

    After this weekend, my SEC East thoughts are a bit different:
    Same top 2: UGA then UT – Bowling Green may not be that bad
    Then Mizzou – I had previously thought either Mizzou or USC here
    Then UK/UF/USC – no idea how how this plays out – UK is probably not as good as they showed, USC is probably not as bad (but has Spurrier checked out?) – UF – still think they’re a train wreck. 1st week opponent is likely the worst FBS team (lost to Georgia St.). Nothing great going on in the Swamp in week 2. Don’t think that offense will move against a semi-good SEC D. Will have to win with defense.


  13. Macallanlover

    That Ole Miss and Bama game should be a very satisfying dessert for Saturday night.