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Rivalry as stand up comedy routine.

Over at And The Valley Shook, Poseur takes a preview-y look at Auburn and knocks it out of the park.

He’ll be there all week, folks. Try the veal.


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Vandy replay

Go ahead, kill a couple of hours… it’s on me.


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Never mind what he said.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Hey, it was enough to keep Ramsey on the bench last year.



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I can’t say I’m a big fan of Marco Rubio, but he’s right about FSU fans getting righteously indignant about him doing a little trash talking on sports radio.

Besides, FSU’s president gets the win in the end, anyway.

“He’s a nice kid. I’m sure he’s frustrated by his low standing in the polls, which I believe could be a reflection of where he got his education.”

Ouchie ouch.


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Hope is the best of things.

Gearing up giving his best shot…


UPDATE:  He’s rolling now.


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Georgia, still serving youth.

If you think it got a little close for comfort towards the game’s end Saturday, consider this:

Michel and McKenzie were two of 60 players that Georgia played against Vanderbilt this past Saturday. That’s an extremely high number for an SEC road game. Conference rules allow teams to travel just 70 players.

“We played a bunch,” Richt conceded. “We had nine true freshmen on defense alone on that last drive. We had Bellamy in there and I can’t remember who the other guy was but everybody else was a true freshman. So we played a bunch of guys.”

Actually it was eight freshmen on that last defensive possession. It also included first-year player Chuks Amaechi, a junior college transfer from Arizona…

It’s a helluva balancing act Richt is trying to pull off early, being conservative with the game plan and getting inexperienced players game time they need before the meat of the schedule arrives.  That’s the reason the weather postponement in the opener sucked.


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I fear for the rebranding.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Steve Patterson will be shown the door, perhaps as soon as today.

Won’t anyone think of the bloggers?  It’s about to become a poorer world for us.

See you in Dubai, Steve.


UPDATE:  This wins the Intertubes today.


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I’ve got a strategery question.

Help me out here.

I’ve never coached in my life, so forgive me if I ask the question a little incoherently, but can somebody tell me where the fine line is between not showing/showing too much on offense?  I mean, I get the value in having a few rabbits to pull out of your hat on a defensive coordinator, particularly when you’ve got a new guy calling the plays, as well as the value in going against your established tendencies.  But isn’t there also value in having to make opposing defenses prepare for more possibilities?


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“It was more of just me executing the passing plays.”

Here’s what unfamiliarity with your new surroundings sounds like:

For Georgia’s Greyson Lambert, they were much needed after disastrous 0-of-5 first half followed by two more incompletions to start the third quarter. The main issues in the first half had to do with what Lambert is supposedly the best on the team at, reading the defense and making sure Georgia is in all the correct plays and protections.

Vanderbilt does deserve credit for what it was able to do early to confuse the Bulldogs’ quarterback, who transferred in from Virginia this summer.

“They were stunting and bringing a few blitzes that we knew would happen, but maybe not in a certain situation,” Lambert said. “I’ve got to do a better job of seeing that and getting us into the right protection.”

Lambert specifically mentioned he, at least on one occasion, rushed through his progressions. Lambert explained that he’d leave his primary read for the second one, only to realize later the first option was just breaking open.

Vandy was selling out against the run and Lambert’s line was pass blocking well enough there were occasions when he had what seemed like an ocean of time to throw… and yet he still rushed things.

As I keep telling you guys, old habits die hard.


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The opposite of the Georgia Way


If you got it, flaunt it, baby.


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