“I said, well, maybe we’ll sell a Mark Emmert T-shirt for $25 and he won’t see a cent off it.”

This is all kinds of awesome.  (h/t AmericusDawg)

Then there’s the shirt with a cartoon drawing of Emmert. On the shirt, a smiling Emmert – his hair just so – is standing in front of large stacks of cash, his hands extended as if to say, “Show me the money.” There’s a logo that looks like the NCAA logo, except it says, in the NCAA font, “Likeness.”

“I don’t know Mark Emmert on a personal basis,” Pressley said, “but I know him from afar and one thing that’s clear is that this guy is a huge proponent of making money off people’s likeness. So I was like, what can I do to pay this guy a tribute?

“Maybe I’ll make a T-shirt of him and make money off his likeness.”

The shirts Pressley and his site are selling go for $25. It costs $12.50 to make the shirts, he said, so each shirt nets $12.50 in profit. Profits from the Emmert shirt, Pressley said, “are going to myself.”

“Because I don’t want to disrespect” Emmert, he said. “I thought that’s what he would do.”

‘Murica, bitchez.  Even if Stacey Osburn has no comment.


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18 responses to ““I said, well, maybe we’ll sell a Mark Emmert T-shirt for $25 and he won’t see a cent off it.”

  1. IndyDawg

    This is 31 flavors of awesome. I think I need one!


  2. rusdawg

    This is fantastic.


  3. Dawgy45

    Damn, I wish I had thought of that!


  4. simpl_matter

    Where’s the link to the store? I want to get one before the lawyers shut it down (which should be any moment now).


  5. The other Doug

    I hope Emmert sends out a cease and desist letter.


  6. I hope that someone suspends Emmert immediately and opens an investigation. We need to ensure that he is not profiting off of this in any way.


    • Yeah. Suspend him until the investigation is complete and take all season to complete the investigation. No more trips all over the country in a Lear at the NCAA’s expense. No more 5-diamond resort hotels. No more post night game dinners at 5-star restaurants on the tab. No trips to Europe. And especially no watching games from the comfort of the President’s box at any university he chooses. Life would be a real bitch.


  7. Parent

    Saw this early today; was having to search for reasons to get behind the kid’s program besides him being there and found a winner! We are going to try to get them before this weekend’s game!



    Purty awesome


  9. Got Cowdog?

    i only use the F word when it is really called for, but……
    That is fucking awesome.
    I’ll take 2, Caleb.


  10. Dawgoholic

    Awesome, looks like someone is putting his UNC education to use.


  11. I hope someone lets Emmert know about this because it’s kinda pointless if he doesn’t. Awesome idea, though.


  12. Dawg_Dave

    This is plain awesome.

    The link to the store for those who’d like to purchase or see the other t-shirts. http://store.barstoolsports.com/collections/dixie

    The News & Observer quote sounds like he might be donating to the players after they graduate to me? — “We’re saving the money and we’re going to give them to people that we feel like are deserving,” Pressley said. “I don’t know who that would be. But I think maybe down the line we’ll figure out who’s deserving of the money (off) those T-shirts.”

    So now to get the Young Chubb or Mark Emmert t shirt?


  13. Coastal Dawg

    I think I will buy one and send it to Emmert asking for an autograph.


  14. ZutaDawg

    NCAA = Nobody’s Children Acquire the ASSets


  15. Timphd

    Waiting on the NCAA to file a suit within the next few days. No one is entitled to make money but the NCAA damn it!


  16. hassan



  17. DawgFaithful

    Just. Awesome.