Your concern is duly noted.

Somebody’s got Georgia on his mind.

Maybe that’s his explanation for his recent success – Richt’s too distracted with all those rivals.


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  1. Russ

    Well, he’s true. I consider Sackerlina an annoyance, more so in recent years, but not the first that comes to mind when I think UGA rivals.


    • mwo

      UGA is Spurrier’s biggest rival because he hasn’t been able to get wood since Bill Stanfill abused him in 66.He is a bitter old man. But he CAN coach!


  2. I actually do think this has at least partly to do with our struggles with them over the years – not necessarily our win/loss record historically, but the fact that when we do win, it’s usually been harder than it really should have been. We are clearly their #2 rival, and at best I’d say they are our 5th (behind Tech, UF, AU, UT), and some of the old timers might even consider Clemson above them. I do think from that standpoint, they have historically “gotten up” for the game more than we have, plus they historically have had a lot of Georgia kids on their roster who want to give us their best shot.


    • To clarify, I’m speaking in historical terms. The last 5 years, they have simply outplayed and/or outcoached us, and we had no reason here recently to not be “up” for those games.


      • paul

        I’m one of those old timers that remembers when we used to play Clemson every year. Their fans were absolutely the rudest, most obnoxious group you ever encountered. And I was a track guy. It’s not like we were known for our good manners. Clemson fans were truly foul back in the day. So yeah, we considered them a MUCH bigger rival than USC at the time. Having said all that, I wish we still played Clemson every year.


  3. Yea, if you consider half your schedule “rivals” then that kinda waters down the whole concept. Speaking of rivals, I just saw a segment on Keith Marshall and watched UT player celebrating after he just took a shot at Keith’s knees and tore his ACL. I hope we beat the holy hell out of rocky top this year.


    • My ex wife is a Buckeye, grew up in Columbus OH, had only been in the south a year or so when we met. When we first got together, it blew her mind how many teams we truly, genuinely hated. She was like “How can you have more than one rival?” And she was dead serious.

      The mindset of B1G fans is so cute. 🙂


  4. The Chicken fans moan and gripe that either they’re really a major rival of ours and we just like to pretend otherwise, or that we just don’t have sense enough to realize how seriously we should take them.

    You know what? They want rivalry, let’s give them some motherf–k–g rivalry. Let’s us, as fans, players and coaches, show up at Sanford on Saturday night with the same raging, flaming venom normally reserved for the booger eating jorts wearers, the cheaters on the Plains, the NATS nerds. Let’s rain the hellfire and brimstone on them “enjoyed” in our house by AU last year and by Yech in 2012. I’m sick and tired of their whining, their pretensions, their loudmouthed low class coach, and definitely sick and tired of losing 4 of the last 5.

    They want our undivided attention? Well then, in the name of Erk, Larry, Lewis and all else that’s Holy, let’s give it to them and see how they like it.


  5. Skeptic Dawg

    Spurrier is way too calm this week. He has me worried for certain. Carolina limps into Athens Saturday following a loss to Kentucky and Georgia is struggling to find their offense. He will have his team ready to play. Spurrier knows that he has Richt’s number right now. This does not look good for the Dawgs.


    • Debby Balcer

      I don’t get a sense their fans feel that way. I live in Upstate SC and the chickens are very quiet in a depressed sort of way.


      • Debby, yep I’m getting the same thing from all my SC friends here in the Upstate. I’m the one telling THEM that they have a shot, because they always do against us. Most of the ones I know were already predicting a 7-5 type of season coming into the year, but they were definitely counting UK as one of those 7 wins. Now, you said it perfectly, “quiet in a depressed sort of way”.


    • @gatriguy

      Meh. Our fans our worried when he’s crowing and worried when he’s poor mouthing. For the first time since he’s been back, I feel like we have a DC that isn’t completely outclassed by him. Don’t get me wrong, Spurrier is best play caller ever, but I feel like Pruitt is legitimate competition, where Willie Two Thumbs and Grantham weren’t. Hopefully Pruitt has studied the Jim Johnson game film from Spurrier’s time in the NFL. That’s the key: kill his QB. Also, Spurrier is so lazy that it wouldn’t surprise me if his audibles, play calls, etc. are exactly he same as when Schottenheimer was playing for him.


    • Uglydawg

      Your logic is scaring me, Skeptic.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s right. For a school that’s not quite to top of the totem pole in college football, we sure have a lot of bitter enemies. (We can argue about the top of the totem pole later.)

    My hypothesis: because we’re not the absolute top, our rivalries are lively. The dreaded enemies beat us enough to make it interesting, and vice versa. Except for Tech, which just needs to shut up.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    I will say though, that Spurrier is trying his senile ass off to stir the pot.


  8. He’s right. They play us like their hair is on fire and we treat them like they are Missouri or Kentucky. Plus they know we don’t respect them. Not a good combination.


    • tess

      We should treat them like Kentucky. Historical records:

      UGA v. UK: 52-12-2
      UGA v. SC: 47-18-2

      And Kentucky has been in the SEC way longer than SC has been; we played SC during the early years of football, but didn’t start playing UK until the 1930s.

      I lived in Columbia, went to high school there in the 80s. There’s nothing there to respect.


      • I’m not suggesting that we raise their profile. They will be back to insignificance soon enough if they have not already. I do think that our inability to match their intensity has been a factor, especially in games at Brice Williams. We just need to make sure that our roster gets back to a level (relative to theirs) by which we can once again take the USCe win for granted.

        Btw: did anyone notice that ECU had a kid named Brice Williams? How does he not go to sakerlina?


        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Maybe because Williams Brice Stadium is named after a girl. Martha Williams Brice gave a mil or so way back when to renovate it.


      • Sides

        Everyone owns a historical winning record vs SC. Look into the SC and UK records for the last 30 years and see if they should be treated the same.

        Where did you go to HS?


  9. Athens Dog

    I have a very close friend. Die hard gamecock. It infuriates her when I say “you’re about 7 or 8 on the list”. I sometimes they would rather beat us than Clemmons. But I sure hope we are ready Saturday.


  10. DawgPhan

    I hope spurrier brings his wood screws…..cuz we are gonna blow his doors clean off.

    state trooper fist bump


  11. Bulldog Joe

    “It’s one of our rival games. I don’t think it is for Georgia.”

    Georgia hasn’t suspended a bunch of players for this one yet. Looks like they’re finally taking this game seriously.


  12. Will Trane

    My take on SOS comments.
    He could be kind here. Comes across is that SOS sees the match up as a rival but not CMR. CMR views the Tech game as a rival game, but probably not Tech. Maybe after last year.
    Rivalries are based on records over the years, like UGA-UF and UGA -AU series. W-L for each is close. Not with Tech because in recent years the series has become one sided.
    Same with Carolina. Lately we have not beaten them enough under CMR for it to be a rivalry game.
    But the UGA vs SOS goes back a way, back to back in the day. SOS still remembers Stanfill sacks off the edge and big Ronnie Jenkins running the ball right down the Gator defense gut. UF had small LBs and Coach Dooley took advantage of Jenkins’ size. Could be SOS like that inside zone read and he blasted Grantham for not handling it.
    Beating UT or Bama would be meaningless if Dawgs do not beat South Carolina.


  13. I’ve stated this for years. One of our problems is that too may teams consider us their secondary rival.

    Regular schedule

    Auburn 1 = Alabama, 2 = UGA
    UT 1= Alabama (historically at least) 2 = UGA
    SC 1 = Clemson, 2 = UGA
    UF 1 = FSU, 2 = UGA
    tech 1 = UGA, 2 = UGA

    Vanderbilt and Ole Miss have beaten us enough times in living memory to not be as scared as we would like and have sufficient motivation to get up for our game. We don’t return the favor.

    Add in the occasional Clemson or Alabama game and your asking college kids to bring the hate a lot of times in one year. Every year. Do those teams have that kind of divided hatred?

    And we’re divided in our hatred. For me, an old traditionalist, it’s always been and forever will be tech. For others, Florida or Auburn will be your most hated. I suspect a lot of that is based on which region of Georgia that you live in. West Georgia would hate Auburn more and South Georgia would hate Florida more (etc) as you would be surrounded by their idiot fans that don’t realize that we have open borders between states. When I lived up in LaFayette I learned to hate Tennessee with a fiery passion as they had plenty of fans in NW Georgia.

    Most of the other teams don’t have that situation.

    And i think that is a factor in our usual habit of losing 1-2 games a year and being locked out of national championship consideration before the SEC championship game was invented.


    • At least half, maybe more, of Florida fans consider UGA #1. Just like Georgia fans are split on whether GT or UF is our #1 rival.


    • Well, me personally, I got plenty of football hate to go around. Just because I particularly loathe the Tiggers doesn’t mean I stint in any way on the booger eaters or Nerds, and still have loads left over for Clemmie, the Vowels and Cocks. And fine with me if they hate back. To slightly paraphrase a great orator “They are unanimous in their hate—and I welcome their hatred.” I’d rather have a hot blooded throw down every Saturday than toss it aside for some once or twice a year gimmicked up play off anyway.


  14. OBS has turned into quite the poor-mouther


  15. ugadawgguy

    I’ll readily admit that this has a lot to do with where I grew up (mostly Asheville, NC) and went to high school (Simpsonville, SC), but for me, South Carolina has recently assumed a pretty lofty position on my list of most hated opponents.

    My dad and grandfather went to Georgia, and it’s largely due to that that I hate Tech more than any other program in any sport. I hate Tech about as much as I hate al-Qaeda/ISIS.

    For years, Florida and Auburn were tied for second place, with Tennessee in third and South Carolina behind them. But now, I can tell you confidently and without apology that I hate South Carolina as much as I hate Florida and Auburn, and Tennessee trails them. And man, I hate all of them pretty badly.

    It’s not all because of Spurrier’s recent success against Georgia, either. I have a number of personal reasons for hating the chickens, some of which have to do with my experiences with their fans — both at the Cockroach in Columbia and at Sanford Stadium (and elsewhere in Athens).

    On the bright side, since I live in Atlanta, I rarely have to encounter South Carolina people in my day-to-day life. But that hasn’t diminished my loathing for their kind.

    In conclusion, To Hell with South Carolina.


  16. AusDawg85

    Pawwwwlll…Mark Richt has made more teams hate us!


  17. IndyDawg

    Take. No. Prisoners. The goal is this: USCe and the OBC are crushed in a way that starts a new decade of Gamecock irrelevance in the SEC.


  18. Crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women,,,,,,,,,,I have no idea what i was thinking but accidentally heard Anthony from August on F-bombs show. Anthony says that if we lose to the dead cocks that Richt is gone. Never mind that Anthony is not smart enough to push a broom at UGA much less to have ever attended bu Christ ol F-bomb agreed with him. Somehow douche bag isn’t sufficient.


  19. Macallanlover

    You guys give Spurrier way too much credit. UGA will win this game, and Spurrier may say adios to Sanford forever. Team has this one, fans don’t….thank God. Stop the whining about us, stop the adulation about SOS.


    • I just got through reading a newer post on Ga Fan’s PTSD and I had your exact same insight. Yes, the old ball sack wants to win bad but he has got to beat us without the talent to do so. These are his players he recruited and signed them and they don’t have any 6’6″ wide receivers and there ain’t a first round draft pick on their side of the ball. He is screwed ,he knows it and he will throw in the towel before the 10 minute mark of the 4th Q.