“I have a lot of communication with teachers.”

The next time somebody mentions the sacred role of academics in collegiate football, make sure you bring up Rutgers, where a head football coach can do this…

  • Flood met with the professor off-campus, and contacted the professor through subsequent emails, after he was told by a member of the academic support staff “that he is not to have contact with any faculty member regarding a student’s academic standing.”

  • When the faculty member agreed to “review an additional paper” to possibly help Barnwell’s standing in the class, Flood helped Barnwell by providing “grammatical and minor editorial suggestions to the submitted paper.”

… and walk away with a three-game suspension.

Then again, after seeing this,

“Coach Flood exemplifies our university’s standards and values both on and off the field,” Rutgers President Robert Barchi said last September after executing the extension. “He has put together a strong coaching staff that supports our mission to compete well both in the classroom and on the field.”

… maybe we should wonder why the school is being so tough on him.  Maybe it’s simply that with everything else that’s gone on at Rutgers lately, he’s just gotten lost in the weeds.



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8 responses to ““I have a lot of communication with teachers.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sounds like small beer compared to North Carolina.


    • ASEF

      At UNC the coaches were never involved. It was the professors who were at fault, which is why SACS waded in.

      But yes, the UNC case was much larger, which is why it resulted in turning over most of the university’s upper management.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      OTOH, don’t you know folks in Chapel Hill are organizing a “point North” rally.


  2. ApalachDawg

    Create a major called football for those that have zero interest in actual college.
    Pay them full cost of attendance. Provide housing and all the food they can eat thru the university.
    Let them make money from their likeness, etc
    Let them transfer but not in same conference for a year.


  3. Russ

    Man, how big must the money pot really be for these schools to prostitute themselves like this?


  4. What’d you say NCAA? You’re so inutile when it comes to universities but would readily suspend athletes. You’re a same as an organization.