Agent Muschamp is on a mission.

Count me among those who thought Ellis Johnson was a pretty decent defensive coordinator who was undone at Auburn by the lack of a pass rush last season.  For those who believed Boom would be an instant upgrade over Johnson – and judging by the wholesale preseason love for Auburn, there were lots of folks in that camp – this data, from Mr. Conventional Wisdom, of all places, has to come as a bit of a shock.

Auburn is 2-0 but here are the ugly numbers on defense:

* Auburn’s opponents have converted on third down 48.5 percent of the time. That’s 114th nationally.

* Opponents are 10-of-17 on third-down passes.

* The Tigers have given up an average of 199.5 rushing yards per game, which is 96th nationally.

* Auburn’s defense has been on the field for 170 plays in the first two games. That’s more than any team in the conference other than Tennessee (172).

Every one of those stats he cites is worse than last year’s.  And don’t forget those are compiled against an 0-3 team and a FCS squad.  I don’t think Carl Lawson can fix all of that on his lonesome.


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31 responses to “Agent Muschamp is on a mission.

  1. simpl_matter

    Let’s put Agent Muschamp in for a raise in rank & pay. He’s damn impressive at what he does!


  2. blands

    Does Lambert have the respect of his teammates?


  3. jollyrogerjay

    Auburn is really struggling. I have been there to witness both games, live and in color. That FCS team (Jax State) is a pretty good football team though, probably the 2nd best team in Alabama. They are better than Auburn, Troy and South Alabama. I really believe that those Gamecocks could beat a bunch of D1 teams, maybe even the one the Georgia Dawgs are playing this weekend. Y’all should have a fun time with Spurrier this weekend.


    • Kroy Biermann

      How can Jax State be better than Auburn when they just lost to Auburn last weekend?


      • Uglydawg

        Well, you see, Gus has this thing he keeps up his butt. It’s called a Rabbit’s Foot. It’s helped answer that question a few times, Kroy.


      • jollyrogerjay

        Because the teams that winds up with the most points ain’t always the best team. And that was most definitely true last Saturday in Auburn.


    • Biggus Rickus

      They would very rarely beat a D1 team. The reason it’s a big deal when an FCS team beats an FBS team is because it almost never happens.


      • jollyrogerjay

        They rarely beat D1 teams because they are scheduled by the best D1 teams as cannon fodder. You put that Jax State team up against the likes of D1 teams like Florida International, Idaho, North Texas, New Mexico State, Buffalo, Kent State, …I’d put my money on this year’s Jax State team every time.


  4. Chadwick

    Boom goes Boom! I’m sure he and Rotney will sort this all out.


  5. Then maybe we’ve got another 3-2 fiesta coming from Red Stick Saturday afternoon. Dear Lord, what will Fournette do to that squishy Auburn defense?


  6. DC Weez

    The Agent is doing too good of a job. I thought he would learn something from his UF experience.


  7. Jack Klompus

    Count me as a guy that asked what Musty can do that Ellis couldn’t? Guess we’re finding out that it’s not too much.

    Is this strictly a case of a lack of talent? They seemed to recruit pretty well from everything I’ve seen. Definitely not a head coach prob…uhhh


  8. Mike Cooley

    Agreed on Ellis Johnson. I’ve always thought he was a good DC. Even kind of hoped we would hire him when Willie Two Thumbs was unassed from Athens. And I was happy when they hired Boom to replace him at Auburn because I’ve always thought he was bizzaro Ellis. While Ellis Johnson has always seemed underrated, Boom somehow continues to fool people into thinking he is some sort of defensive mastermind because he was in the Kirby seat one time.

    As an aside, Senator, do you not like Barnhart for some reason? I know that sounds like a loaded question but it really isn’t. Just curious. I admit he isn’t particularly insightful. But he doesn’t bother me. I met him once and he was nice. Seemed like he would have been happy to stand there and talk about football all afternoon.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      With all respect to both you, Spike, and Tony, personally, when you allow yourself to be branded as “Mr. College Football”, then spout platitudes and restate the obvious continually, you tend to get criticized, especially in light of other college football writers who appear to spend a good bit more time crunching numbers and watching game film, etc. etc. etc,

      Tony Barnhart is a nice guy, and there was a time when he was the hardest working man in show business. Tony has been overtaken and he has a face made for radio. When he was actually doing the work he was going head to head with Jeff Schultz and Mark Bradley….appeared much better by comparison, than he actually was.

      Nice guy though.


  9. FtWorthDawg

    After the Miracle on Jordan-Hare Street season a few years ago I am thinking ole’ Gus was pretty proud of himself where he thought he had all this SEC stuff figured out. Maybe the CBS / SEC / Uncle Vern karma is finally coming home to roost.


  10. ASEF

    Didn’t they lose their starting safety for the season in the J-State game? A defense that can’t stop 3rd down conversions combined with a HUNH3NO offense: injuries might be a theme for them this season.


  11. Macallanlover

    Boom is a good, not great, DC. I never understood the wild acclaim for Auburn due to Boom, and Malzahn without a running QB. I hope LSU curb stomps Auburn and while the score may not indicate a blowout, I think LSU will win this game. And there is mucho trouble ahead for AU when this Saturday is over. Bueno!


  12. Maybe it’s the d-line coaching?