Corch gonna Corch.

I’d tell Urban Meyer to act like he’s been there, but I’m afraid this is how he acts like he’s been there.


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  1. Spike

    Who is the bigger D Bag? Corch, Spurrier, Laner, Johnson, Muschamp…? I’ll hang up and listen..


  2. How many years did it take to spin off the rails in Gainesville? Another year of high expectations, keeping 3 superstars happy…


  3. in the pantheon of Corch’s BS that is actually one of the least offensive IMHO..If we win the trophy can we engrave Nerds instead of Ga. Tech?


    • Dolly Llama

      Aw, HELL, no. If we win the trophy, I want GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHOLOGY in all caps. I want archaeologists 5,000 years from now unearthing that son of a bitch to know.


  4. Bob

    And we think kids need adult leadership. Kind of ridiculous…did I say juvenile?


  5. JAX

    Tacky, and classless.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Urban is one petty bitch.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Not surprising but still unbelievable. What a jerk.


  8. That is pretty bush league IMO, very much like things done at gtu.


  9. DugLite

    If Michigan is your big rival then wouldn’t you want make it very clear that you beat them? I don’t understand using some acroymn that makes to sense to a non Ohio St fan. Corch is a douche nozzle.


  10. Bob

    And does anyone in Columbus really think that Michigan fans care about this? I would suggest the Buckeyes would have been better off leaving out the Va Tech score.


  11. CannonDawg

    I’m all in with Harbaugh on November 28 in the Big House. And a chippy little postgame tete-a-tete might do Irving Myers some good. And me, too.


  12. The only reason I would want us to leave off a team – say, GT – would be if we lost to them. A victory over a team should celebrated.


  13. Sanford222view

    I have a funny feeling Harbaugh will quickly find himself on Corch’s “Big Deal” list. Those two should make for some fun for sure.


  14. Gurkha Dawg

    This pre dates Meyer a long time. OSU has referred to Michigan as “the team up north” for a long time. They say they hate them so much they won’t even utter their name. An OSU friend of mine told me that one time OSU was beating UM badly when they scored a late touchdown and went for 2. When a reporter asked Hayes why he went for 2, Hayes said “because I couldn’t go for 3”.


  15. Turd Ferguson

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but … as someone born in Michigan, who grew up a fan of Schembechler and still daydreams about the days when that rivalry was a real thing, I actually like this a lot. I’ve never been a huge Harbaugh fan, but I really want Harbaugh vs. Meyer to heat up as fast as possible.


    • Urban Meyer

      What do you get when you cross a wolverine with a groundhog?

      6 more weeks of bad football.

      What do you call an attractive girl in Ann arbor?

      A visitor.


      • CLT Dawg

        Having been on the OSU campus last weekend, I can attest for a fact that that last question applies to Columbus as well. It ain’t Athens…& it ain’t even close.


  16. Cojones

    Very unprofessional. Fans have a right to act like assholes, but for a coach to imitate one, pucker and all, is untenable in the CFB.


  17. Urban Meyer

    You bulldogs just don’t get it.

    Ohio State vs –ichigan. The biggest Rivalry in all of sports.
    The only 2 states that ever went to war with each other and fired a shot in anger.

    In 1835. A land dispute over what is now Toledo began and the 2 states went to war over it.
    Now I’m not sure about which side won the war but I have to assume that we lost because Toledo is now a city in the state of Ohio..


  18. Urban Meyer

    Are uga fans bored or what?
    It appears that the blogger is envious of my success with this failed attempt to, once again, blame myself, for whatever pre existing conditions may or may not exist, irregardless of whether or not I am directly or indirectly involved.
    6 degrees of Urban Meyer is the name of the game here, folks.
    Strange how no such blog post about how when our team travels up north, things like no hot water is available, no mention of Bo, Carr or Hoke would only refer to us as “Ohio” as a sign of disrespect. No mention of our team being pelted with objects like snowballs With thumbtacks or batteries..

    No, just another example of Meyer envy.