Run the damned ball, Schotty.

This doesn’t exactly sound like your classic case of an immovable force meeting an unstoppable object:

Georgia is averaging 259 rushing yards per game since the start of last season, 14 yards more than the next-closest SEC team. In that same stretch, South Carolina’s defense has allowed 5.4 yards per carry, worst in the conference and 117th among all FBS defenses.

Runs between the tackles have been particularly damaging for the Gamecocks. They have allowed 6.2 ypc on inside runs this season, fifth worst among Power 5 defenses. Since becoming a starter last fall, Chubb is averaging 107 ypg on runs between the tackles, the most among active Power 5 players.

Yeah, I’d like to see them get Lambert untracked this week.  But let’s not reinvent the wheel here, fellas.


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27 responses to “Run the damned ball, Schotty.

  1. frowertr

    My worry is they overthink this.

    I really hope they stick with the run game until either (A) forced to throw because SC has the box so loaded there are no gaps to run through or (B) the run game is working so well play action pass is available.

    I’ll be disappointed if UGA comes out of the gate with three passes and goes three and out in the first series.

    Lets not fix what ain’t broken…


  2. James Stephenson

    Oh, how sweet would it be to just see Georgia run the ball down his throat without him being able to do anything about it. I would still start the game with a Play Action go route to MM, unless it is not open.


  3. D as in Dawg

    I would start with a triple reverse, throwback across the field to the quarterback, pooch punt. Really catch ’em off guard!


    • Mayor

      How about this? Put both Lambert and Ramsey in for the first play with Ramsey under center. Backward pass from Ramsy to Lambert who then throws back to Ramsey streaking downfield on the sideline. Heh? 🙂


  4. This one has the feel of the great steamrollering administered to GT in ’09. With the added bonus that it will not be in the context of an injury depleted Dawgs team. I am in the camp of smack ’em up the middle awhile and then work those TE play action patterns for 20-30 yards. Blazevich for 80 yards on the day is my call.


    • D as in Dawg

      Ahhh… the sweet smell of optimism. I wish I had it! And I hope you’re right!! I just feel the same sick feeling I get the whole week leading up to the UF game. Of course, since I finally went to the WLOCP for the first time ever last year #longestwalkever, that feeling is likely only to intensify this year. If it involves Spurrier or UF, for me it’s a week of what could possibly go wrong this time.


      • Timphd

        I’m in the Munson room when it comes to any game against SOS. I can’t help but worry that he will find a way to make the game about outscoring his offense and our inability to throw effectively will be an issue.


  5. I didn’t see the Kentucky-SoCar game, but I believe they run a lot out of the shotgun a la North Carolina. Not sure if SoCar will be better or worse against a more traditional set, but I suspect they’ll be a little better. I wonder if UGA will employ any spread sets with a goal of running out of them tomorrow?


  6. Rusty

    If that won’t make a Bulldog slobber, I don’t know what will. Hope they make it happen.


  7. Macallanlover

    I fear the over reaction in response to the uproar over what fans think a victory should look like. I hope there will be more mix just to shut that up but I want to win the game first, and appease those worried second. I said before the season began we could win seven games if none of the QBs took the field. That said, a change in the mix would be welcome, but they don’t have to prove they can throw long passes to WRs. They particularly shouldn’t have to throw on 60% of the plays to best SC. Take what they give us and roll forward. Just win, baby. We can handle those who think we don’t have a passing game another two weeks.


  8. I’d much rather work on getting the passing game better tomorrow than waiting until the Bama game. I don’t see us getting to the SECC, much less winning it, without a better passing game. We can do that and still lean on the run.


    • Honestly, I don’t know that I feel too great about tomorrow if we just let them stack the box the entire game. We can only get by so long being dominated in play count and time of possession. If Vandy made us squirm then what are competent or even good offenses going to do? Even the best defenses are going to struggle when the offense only coverts 25% 3rd down.


      • I agree. If we wait until we absolutely MUST pass the ball before we try to get it going, we’re doomed. We didn’t rack up the rushing yards the past several years being one-dimensional.


      • JCDAWG83

        Leaving the defense on the field for 40 minutes against a team with even an average offense will get us beat very badly. We were very lucky Vandy’s offense is abysmal. Running repeatedly into stacked boxes will end up getting our running backs injured and costing us many games.


    • PTC DAWG

      I say run it until someone stops it consistently. Nobody is going undefeated in the SEC.


  9. AusDawg85

    I sincerely hope Chubb rushes for 200 yards, Lambert hits a bomb for a TD, and our number of rushing to passing plays are about even…

    …because then everyone will be absolutely perplexed as to what to bitch about.


  10. Debby Balcer

    It’s my birthday tomorrow all I want is a win!! GO DAWGS!! Run, pass, ans score and D hold them to no points.