“We live in a glass house — coaches and players.”

Ah, rage in an age of social media and smartphones… not the best mix.

In the age of social media, coaches find themselves sending messages that occasionally are at odds with each other. They want their players on an emotional high for each game while carefully avoiding the type of misstep that occurred at Tennessee and BYU.

Arizona State senior associate athletic director of football Tim Cassidy said his school has coaches and administrators on the sidelines helping prevent any potential conflicts between players and fans. Cassidy said Arizona State’s players are reminded that “you can’t focus on the game if you’re chit-chatting or going back and forth with anybody who paid $70 to come watch you play.”

Then again, maybe the trick is to get your back-and-forth in before the game, when nobody’s paying attention.  That seemed to have worked out for Jordan Jenkins last weekend.

“That’s just why I love away games so much,” he said. “That hostility just fuels even more. I love when people talk trash. I like practicing in a way to where I want somebody to get mad and try to fight me because that’s going to make me get mad and even practice harder.”

Hey, it was Vandy.  Sometimes you do what you gotta do to get the juices flowing.


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6 responses to ““We live in a glass house — coaches and players.”

  1. Spike

    Shit is getting real this weekend. Hang a “half a hundred” on their ass.


  2. Jp

    Spike I like how ur thinking bro


  3. Bulldog Joe

    “They want their players on an emotional high for each game while carefully avoiding the type of misstep that occurred at Tennessee and BYU.”

    Lots of fragile egos in Knoxville.

    The most important question is: Did anyone spit?


  4. Will Trane

    The Senator is an early riser. A hard working smart man.
    We are on the verge of seeing if our OC and grad transfer QB have moved on the dial this weekend. If not, there will be a lot of social comments, and none will be pleasant.
    The old ball coach is an early riser. Smart. Earned his degree in coaching the old fashion way with hard work and working his way up. Can Shotty show his education from a master in the passing game and play calling. Or did he regress from being in the NFL too long.


  5. The article makes out like thousands of people have their cameras/phones at the ready to catch people doing inappropriate things. I’m certain the vast majority just like to record things. Catching a guy punching another guy in the balls is coincidence. Same for what happened at UT.

    Now, if you’re driving in Russia, you best have a dash cam. There is a reason that there is an endless supply of dash cam footage from Russia. Lol


  6. Cojones

    And sometimes the glass house is erected around you. Don’t think that McElwain was off base chewing his player out and were it not for the media construction of glass houses concerning incidents, you wouldn’t hear about it.

    Some fans need to get old film of Frank Kush at ASU to see what a physical berating looks like (one included him beating the player over the head with his own helmet), with some film showing him physically manhandling players. All the while some of his players (Danny White and many other players that made the NFL) looked on (early 70s) for several years.