Boy, when’s the last time anyone at Georgia so dramatically changed the perception of their standing as both Lambert and Schottenheimer did in a mere four hours last night?

As astoundingly impressive as Lambert’s showing was (he’s vaulted into fifth nationally in passer rating), I’m even more taken by what Georgia’s offensive coordinator pulled off.  First, he’s Lambert’s position coach.  Some of the credit for the improvement in Lambert’s game has to go to Schottenheimer.

But what was really great was letting everyone know from the get go that the answer to the question of why Georgia’s game planning in its first two games was so conservative was that, yes, he was holding something back.  And when I say from the get go, I mean from the get go, as the Dawgs came out in their very first series throwing the ball.

And that’s why, of all the numbers Seth Emerson mentions in this piece, this number is my favorite:


Times that Georgia threw it on first down Saturday. The first two games of the season Georgia only threw it a combined nine times on first down.

No doubt this is one of the worst defenses I’ve seen South Carolina deploy under Spurrier.  But Schottenheimer made them look bad by going away from the tendencies he’d established.  All in all, just a brilliant night.  No wonder Spurrier made an effort after shaking hands with Richt last night to find Schottenheimer in the crowd on the field and congratulate him.  The master knew what his pupil had accomplished.


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40 responses to “Sandbagged

  1. Brandon (Version One)

    This week and last week are back to back perfect examples of why the saying “things are never as good or as bad as they seem” is a wise one. I’m excited about this team’s potential though, we’ve got a high upside and a lot of these playmakers are by no means playing their last year in Athens.


  2. Tronan

    Just like I’ve always said, there’s no-one better at developing QBs than Richt and Schotty is a brilliant hire as OC. Oh, wait, was I doubting them as recently as last week? Well, last night shut my mouth … Shaft.

    Senator, did you ever see Lambert play at anything like this level when he was in C’ville? If not, did he ever lead you to believe he could?


  3. watcher16

    I like this too for building depth:


    Players who have started a game for the first time in their career this season. Freshmen Johnathan Abram (safety) and Terry Godwin (receiver) joined the club on Saturday.


  4. blands

    I made a mistake on Lambert. Go Dawgs!


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    It seems to me it was only a sandbag if you thought Lambert and the coaching staff did not know what they were doing, so “hoisted by yer own petard” might be more accurate. 🙂

    Yes, it was a glorious day on the nation’s gridiron….Florida did not get beat, but beating Kentucky became a big deal, I’ll take that.

    Compliments to those who thought, for whatever reason, South Carolina was not very good, and worthy of a lofty betting line.

    I like the head coach’s (the winning head coach) comment it was only one game so let’s not go crazy.

    Good advice, Southern’s long snappah is…….


  6. Big Shock

    As close to perfection as I’ve ever seen a UGA offense. Not ready to proclaim Lambert as the next Aaron Rodgers, but he definitely showed a skill set that was lacking in last year’s QB play…accuracy, arm strength, putting the ball in a position for the receiver to make a play. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

    Having Schotty helps too. Sure Bobo would have called a few low percentage deep balls after about 15 straight completions, just to protect his record…just kidding.


  7. Noonan

    Skeptic Dawg on September 18, 2015 at 11:29 AM
    Spurrier has Richt’s number. It is just that simple. On paper the Dawgs should hang half a hundred on Carolina this year. On the field it will be a different story. Carolina will look like a completely different team and the Dawgs will looked surprised. The game will be close in the 4th quarter and we will need a defensive stop to pull out a win as the clock winds down. Richt will put on his Captain Conservative hat and begin rooting for the clock to expire with 18 minutes left in the game.


  8. Castleberry

    We’ve clearly lost control of our tendencies. Don’t worry. The segment of our fanbase that jumped to conclusions way too early will be right back at it at the first slip up. A guy on the call in show last night was complaining about the lack of downfield passing. I’m surprised he wasn’t upset about the high throw to Blazevich as well.


  9. Texas Dawg

    People were judging Lambert primarily on his time at UVA and his sub par performance there ( I think the Vandy game was an anomaly). It is amazing how much better a QB becomes when he has a high octane running game to take the pressure off and a stone wall offensive line to give him time. Besides not having this at Virginia, he also had sub par receivers and coaching. He may not be a superstar at UGA but he is a heck of a lot better than what the Virginia fans thought he was. He had a solid opening game with ULM and that is probably more of what will be asked of him, but yesterday proved he can step it up if then need him to.


  10. PTC DAWG

    I hope “Sides” enjoyed the game. 😄


    • Where is Sides? I know he tried a lot of trolling especially when we called out the Poultry’s problems at QB. Come back for your crow at vin, sir.


    • JonDawg

      I’m also anxious to hear chilidawg (ramsey’s father) give his critique of Lambert once again. Anybody want to wager that he doesn’t show his face in here (until Lambert throws his 1st pick, of course)?


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    This was the big win over sos we all knew the Dawgs were capable of, and we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been a long wait. But pay back sure feels good.

    Lambert had the game of his life. What more can you say? He’s in the record books now, and will likely be there for quite some time. And Schottys done a helluva job with both the playcalling and Lambert. I freely admit I was skeptical about the ‘not showing the playbook’ meme. And was even more concerned about CMR instructing Schotty to be more conservative during the vandy game. Gotta love an OC (or DC for that matter) who attacks and keeps the opponent off balance. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of it.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Personally, I would prefer to believe what we saw from Lambert was just the beginning of a series of games of his life. But I am always about hoping for the best.


  12. Macallanlover

    While I never doubted there was a designed effort to hide some of the offensive plays, routes, and scheme, And I knew Lambert could throw, he did look uncomfortable against the Vandy rush, which is still a concern I have about what this may look like on October 3. But most of those passes were perfectly positioned, and the mix of plays was off the charts.

    All along I have had concern, not about throwing passes, but defending passes. That exact offense we saw UGA run last night is one that would cripple our own defense. Hope we get those coverages on short throws, and any length passes over the middle, tightened up before we hit that October stretch.

    The defense against the run is yet to be tested by a power team but it wasn’t encouraging that SC’s OL didn’t allow us much of a pass rush last night. If Saban hasn’t killed Junior in the next 13 days, we will get tested on both the running and passing fronts. Their OL looked very stout to me. Speaking of which, it appears TN’s Agent Kiffin is working his cancerous magic in Tusky, not a lot of warm feelings along the sideline last night and the natives are restless on the message boards. His name, along with Saban, got lots of negative comments from the keyboard geniuses, reminded me of other programs. What a fun evening!


  13. Uglydawg

    As for me..I wasn’t doubting Lambert’s being the starter. If you go and look, my complaint was with the offensive scheme designed and called by the Coaching Staff….Complaint answered and I’m a happy, ugly, DAWG!


  14. Cojones

    Lambert’s the second ranked QB in the country, right behind Hogan.


  15. Coastal Dawg

    I guess this the place for Mea Culpas. I confess I was upset and vocal about the scheme and Lambert over the first two games. My apologies to Coach Schotty and Lambert. In fact, props to Schotty. It really seems like Lambert is a rythmn passer and the calls early were tailor made to get him in rythmn and confident.


  16. DawgPhan

    Anyone checked to see if the stance thing(footwork) was cleaned up where Lambert was telegraphing the plays?

    not that I think it would have mattered last night.


  17. paul

    I too was among those wondering what exactly Lambert had done to win the position after his shaky showing against Vanderbilt. I couldn’t tell if we were holding back of if our quarterback simply wasn’t ready yet, not having been in the system very long. Well, I think we saw precisely why Lambert is starting. That was as good a showing as we could have possibly hoped for. Around mid week I began to feel okay about the SC game but I did not anticipate anything close to what we actually saw. It was pure joy to watch. Now, of course, we are looking for improvement and consistency. Beating Alabama is not going to be easy. Nevertheless, that was freaking awesome.