SEC net yards per play

Three weeks into the season, here’s how the yards per play offense/defense differential in the SEC (stats via lines up:

  • Mississippi – 3.92
  • Georgia  – 3.49
  • Mississippi State – 2.44
  • Florida – 2.14
  • LSU – 1.83
  • Texas A&M – 1.68
  • Missouri – 1.59
  • Alabama – 1.30
  • Arkansas – 1.24
  • Vanderbilt – 1.06
  • Tennessee – 0.19
  • Kentucky – 0.11
  • Auburn – (-0.39)
  • South Carolina – (-1.84)

Sure, it’s a small sample size, but even so, there are some pretty clear indications of which teams are playing well and which teams not so much.  For all that, I think the most surprising number is Alabama’s pedestrian 1.30 net ypp, which is only eighth-best in the conference.  ‘Bama doesn’t do pedestrian.


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21 responses to “SEC net yards per play

  1. Coweta Dawg

    Bama having Wisconsin and Ol’ Miss caused some of those pedestrian numbers. Here’s to hoping their trend continues for a couple more weeks at least.


    • merk

      Truly we lead this imo. Ole Miss needed 2 games where they put up over 70 points to top us. We have had 1 cupcake and 2 SEC games, and our cupcake got cut short over half a quarter.



    Mizzou looks like shat to me.


    • Macallanlover

      Have to agree. I don’t care how there West schedule matches up to ours, they look bad on offense and defense. No longer see them in the running for a spot in Atlanta, but they could have a say in the East by upsetting someone. Right now I would say beating Vandy, Kentucky, or SC might be an upset for them, or close to it.


    • Billy Mumphrey

      No kidding. I watched most of the uconn game yesterday and Missou was anemic. If the Dawgs don’t win the east this year something will have gone terribly wrong.


    • Fetch

      Missouri – #2 nationally in defensive YPP – #116 in offensive YPP! YIKES!


  3. McNease

    Not to nitpick but is the calc a ratio or a differential?


  4. JCDAWG83

    Stats must be wrong, Auburn has Muschamp and he’s the best DC in the country. I know that’s true because I’ve heard experts on tv say it.


  5. Otter

    This is simply data mining. These stats overlook all the intangibles Auburn has going for them. All those tea leaf readers couldn’t be wrong about auburn. No way they are over rated:)


  6. Tennessee @ 0.19 is surprising, I know they lost to the Okies but it was close and they led most of the game. What surprises me is their other 2 games were against Bowling Green and Western Kentucky, they should have some pretty monster differentials against those 2.


  7. LoCoRea(inE)

    Bama has given up the most passing touchdowns and passing yards in the SEC so far.


  8. LoCoRea(inE)

    Bama has given up the most passing yards and passing touchdowns in the SEC so far.