Monday morning buffet

Don’t tell me you’re full.

  • Damn, people.  I know your mammas raised you better than this.
  • The commissioners don’t like fantasy football, so they’ve decided to do… something “The federal government has determined, for the moment, that it’s not gambling,” Scott said. “But the NCAA has taken a position that we can set the rules and we don’t support it. So that’s where we’ve drawn the line.”  Line drawing, for the win!
  • Jeb! comes to Athens Saturday night, boldly predicts Georgia will win the SEC East.  I’d say he might have lost the South Carolina vote there, but after the way the evening went for the ‘Cocks, I doubt those folks would argue with him now.
  • Here’s a look at how reporters across the SEC feel they’re treated when it comes to being granted access.  Georgia comes off pretty decently, at least in context.
  • It’s never good when people start writing open letters, Gamecocks.
  • Amateurism – it’s not just for revenue sports.
  • Amateurism – when not paying some of the help frees up more money to pay the other help.
  • One check down away from perfection.


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18 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Spike

    Perhaps off topic a bit, but, how was the GTP tailgate?


    • I had a steady stream of folks coming by to say hi, which was nice. Best thing was the guy in the tailgate next to me who came over to introduce himself as a long time reader before we were even set up.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    So a Bush did finally find weapons of mass destruction. The Chubb Bomb


  3. The mess at Myers Quad is inexcusable. What the hell is wrong with some people? That’s the University of Georgia campus, assholes, not a trailer park in Tattnall County.


  4. Regarding the dark trashed Meyers Quad picture

    we’ve been over this a 100 times , Let’s not get all reactionary( see Penn State) over this frozen moment in time. First we start with the basics,you’re right there is no excuse foe not bringing an extra garbage bag to your tailgate BUT what do you do when all the cardboard trash cans fill up? There is plenty of blame to go around here people and you really don’t know what caused this mess. . Every school where I’ve attended away games ( all but UF ,MS State, Tx A&M) actually has this really odd concept of employees (imagine that people working on a Saturday) driving by in Gators or pick-up trucks emptying trash cans. The University could easily make the Game-day experience more fan friendly with even the smallest of effort. More trash cans ,emptied more often. More port-o potties (also emptied more often) or just let us in the building to use the restrooms.99% of these building are open during the week but not on Saturday. If they really want to enhance the Game-day experience why not put a few electrical outlets around the locations so we don’t have to hear generators? Finally provide some level of security so that you can leave your tent,bar and T.V.’s at your spot until after the game.

    Finally that picture of trash thrown around the quad could easily caused by one or two drunken kids ,Gamecocks or Steve Spurrier. No overreaction please unless it is to fix a problem not just ban everything


    • PTC DAWG

      If you generate trash at your tailgate, you should handle it yourself. You made the mess, clean it up. Bag it, stash it. I liked tailgating when it was much simpler. Just a radio, cooler and a bucket of chicken.


    • Tell me why booze should be legal 6 days a year?


      • Bag Dog

        Alcohol is legal on UGA’s Campus every day of the year. There is no open container or alcohol restriction, unless of course you are under age. As I understand it, local ordinances (like open container) do not apply on the UGA campus.

        As unbelievable as this sounds, I know this because I actually emailed Jimmy Williamson during my final year at UGA because I wanted to have a farewell “tailgate” on North Campus and didn’t want to get thrown in the pokey. He actually responded:

        Jimmy Williamson

        to me
        You are fine. You can have the picnic and the beers. We discourage the set ups that you see during football Saturdays…….tv’s, kegs, generators, being out there all day and night…..what you are describing is just fine……Congratulations on graduation and I hope you all have a good time……..thanks for asking.

        Anyway, to jdjrip’s point, I totally agree. This is a guest services issue. I get the whole “personal responsibility” / “back in my day nobody tailgated like this” thing, and I agree that destroying our beautiful campus is NEVER acceptable behavior under any circumstance, but you guys are missing the point. This is a predictable and easily solvable problem. Hell, Auburn – AUBURN! – does a better job managing its campus tailgating than we do. Yes, Auburn’s traffic is a nightmare and the people are a little slow, but they get the tailgating thing right, and it’s not even close. Auburn puts up nice, air-conditioned bathroom trailers all over campus, there are large metal trash bins, they provide access to electricity in some areas, they employ people to drive around in carts and monitor trash disposal, they have police and event staff constantly patrolling the campus even during games, they even have little areas to safely dump coals from your grill when its time to go to the game. If you tried to grill something on North Campus, I think the swat team would show up. Instead of pointing a finger, Auburn embraces tailgaters and actually makes it easier for people to behave like civilized human beings. This may be anecdotal, but in my experience, this actually works.

        Bottom line, we can (and should) blame the Myers tailgaters for this mess. It’s gross and embarrassing. But the people in the best position to actually do something to improve the situation work for the university. As long as UGA is going to market and make money off the “UGA football experience,” they should take the relatively minor steps to make it easy, convenient, and comfortable for their “customers.” This is the same reason why there are bathrooms in the stadium or traffic cops “helping” people exit parking decks and navigate through downtown. People spend time and money to enjoy “Saturday in Athens,” and that experience should include – at a minimum – adequate guest services, i.e. waste disposal options. Currently, it does not. It baffles me that people are still surprised or offended when this happens every few years and the response is “ban tailgating” or “ban alcohol” rather than “lets give people enough trashcans and hire some extra dudes to walk around who can address trash or other problems before they get out of hand.”

        Personally, I actually think that the university is sitting on an untapped resource. Designate certain areas near the stadium or on Myers as tailgate “plots,” and sell them. The demand is obviously there. The university could use the revenue to pay for campus cleanup and security in other areas and make everyone happy.


        • Personally, I actually think that the university is sitting on an untapped resource. Designate certain areas near the stadium or on Myers as tailgate “plots,” and sell them. The demand is obviously there. The university could use the revenue to pay for campus cleanup and security in other areas and make everyone happy.

          I couldn’t agree more.


    • DawgPhan


      So your demands are

      Free parking
      Free bathrooms
      Free trash removal
      Free power
      Free security at your tailgate

      and if your demands are not meet you will act like a UT fan every saturday in someone else’s yard.

      How about everyone just clean up after themselves.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Kids were disappointed when they learned the guy in the middle of that tailgate crowd wasn’t Blazevich.


  6. Otto

    Yes they should clean up but I also did not see a trash can in the picture. Grante you can not see much… Meanwhile at the Grove


  7. Mike Cooley

    As for the open letter to chicken fans, it’s stunning how out of touch with reality those people are. Somehow, they really think they’re a national power because they didnt suck for about three years. And they think they are going to do better than Spurrier now? They had better hang onto him as long as he can stagger out to the field because the minute he’s gone things are really going to go south for them.