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“We know we are coaching the right guys. They just need more work.”

With Saturday’s game, Georgia has now played a whopping 21 true freshmen this season.

Gosh, think Richt’s changed his roster management philosophy much?


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Keep your seats!

You gotta love this.

That was clearly Georgia’s intent when it signed a contract to host Southern University and its famed marching band for Saturday’s game at Sanford Stadium. UGA has three contracts committing to host nonconference opponents this season — the others are Louisiana-Monroe and Georgia Southern — but only one mentions the visiting team’s band.

Written into Georgia’s contract with Southern is language stipulating that “the band of the visiting team agrees to perform at halftime of the game,” and it is set up that way for good reason…

…“Normally a stipulation for visiting band attendance is not included in game contracts,” Georgia spokesman Claude Felton said. “However, the Southern University band is nationally known for its performing excellence and will provide a unique entertainment experience for our fans.”



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What are we supposed to do with those “Jeremy Johnson for Heisman” t-shirts now?

Johnson’s moved to the back of the Gus Bus and replaced by a redshirt freshman for this Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.


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Game on

Here’s the full Georgia-South Carolina game for your viewing pleasure:

See you in a couple of hours…


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ESPN haz a sad.

Hey, who’s this “we” you speak of, anyway?


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Your morning gallows humor

This message board wrap up of the Georgia-South Carolina game is classic.

And this, sad to say, is spot on.

You know, 12 years removed from watching Lou Holtz run an offense centered around a linebacker playing QB and running the QB draw, I’m amazed that we’ve come full circle. We’re a veer offense team now.

A Spurrier coached team, running what amounts to a single wing.

Damnedest thing.

It’s definitely not what they thought they were signing up for, that’s for sure.


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Run the damn… on second thought, do whatever you want, Schotty.

If you scan Bill Connelly’s box scores for all of last week’s games, you’ll find four schools that averaged more than nine yards per offensive play.

Georgia was the only one of the four to do it against a P5 team.


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“I’m having a lot of fun.”

Good on ‘ya, Malcolm Mitchell.

Chubb and Michel are special.  But it’s hard not to think that Mitchell’s successful return doesn’t add that element that was missing last season from Georgia’s offense, that spark of a downfield threat.  True, Georgia didn’t have to deploy the deep pass against South Carolina, but I think Lambert’s shown on occasion that he’s got enough of an arm to take advantage of it when needed.


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Upon further review, ‘Cock clubbing edition

I sat down and watched me some replay last night.  A few things I noticed:

  • Pruitt’s chess match with Spurrier was everything I expected, starting with running four extra guys out at times to leave SC guessing as long as possible about personnel and alignment.  Mauger was fantastic in disguising looks as to whether he was coming to the line or dropping in coverage.  Floyd’s versatility is a handy weapon, too.  One area where Pruitt didn’t get too exotic was in Georgia’s fronts.  The Dawgs played with four on the line for most of the night, and played well there because Mayes and Atkins have improved substantially from last season.
  • I noticed it during the game, but it really came out watching again how little faith Spurrier has in South Carolina’s passing game.  I’m sure some of that’s because he was forced to start a former walk-on at quarterback.  But the reality is that outside of Cooper, there really isn’t much of a receiving threat on that team.  I’ll be surprised if at some point soon, Spurrier doesn’t throw in the towel and play for next season by starting Nunez and running a lot more option football.
  • Georgia’s offensive line and tight ends blocked their collective asses off.  Really, it’s a thing of beauty to see how those guys operate.  What’s really making things click is that both guards can move well for their size.  Georgia was pulling linemen most of the night, much of the time to devastating effect.
  • It wasn’t just Schottenheimer’s run/pass play mix that went dramatically against his tendencies from the first two games.  It was also formations.  Early on, there was very little of the twin tight end, two back sets that we saw a bunch of against ULM and Vandy.  Instead, SC was treated to a sizeable dose of the single back, three wide sets Bobo made much use of last year.
  • Just to cut off the first set of smart ass responses I’m guessing are coming, yes, it’s clear the coaches worked on how Lambert positions his feet in the shotgun.  I saw very little variance between his stance for pass plays and runs.
  • And for those of you who wonder how you can tell whether a quarterback is going through his reads, you need only watch Georgia’s third play from scrimmage to see a case where Lambert clearly checked off and threw to a secondary target.  (Hint:  watch his head move.  See?  It’s not that hard.)
  • Seriously, if you’re looking for one area of Lambert’s play that’s dramatically improved from his time at Virginia, it’s in his ability to process pre-snap reads.  Those quick passes were deadly because he knew at the snap where he’d be able to go.  And he was invariably right.
  • Which leads to my other observation about South Carolina.  True, that secondary isn’t good, but Hoke’s scheme was a poor choice, too.  Soft coverage was just what the doctor ordered, as it played right into Lambert’s strength.  I will be surprised if Alabama doesn’t play more press coverage, just to see if it can disrupt Lambert’s timing.
  • Lambert got very comfortable quickly, and it showed as the game went on.  He made some great throws, particularly on one to Jay Rome near the goal line and another on a roll out to Reggie Davis that sucked in most of the Gamecock defense.
  • The scoring drives that ended the first half and started the second half had something of the feel I used to experience when Georgia’s offense would get on one of those seemingly unstoppable rolls with a hot Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley.  You get the feeling that Schottenheimer is really starting to appreciate what he’s got to work with in his tool belt.

That’s all I got.  If you’re looking for more detail, check out these second looks from Seth Emerson and Jason Butt.


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There’s nothing like a big loss to bring out the best in people.

Okay, so Saturday wasn’t a good day in Alabama.  How do I know?

Well, they’re writing open letters to Junior.

Kirk Herbstreit, of all people, gets in a Twitter bitch slap fest with The Blind Side’s Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Auburn?  Well, there’s…“Tammy is next.”

One can only imagine what’s in store if ‘Bama actually loses in Athens in two weeks.


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