Game on

Here’s the full Georgia-South Carolina game for your viewing pleasure:

See you in a couple of hours…


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13 responses to “Game on

  1. Dog in Fla

    He’ll never stock shelves at Publix again


  2. fell in buttsmehre

    2:10:20 Just soak in the the face of Spurrier after the touchdown on the kickoff.


  3. rusdawg

    Damn. 11:40 in….Malcolm Mitchell really was wide open on the one in completion. So close to perfection.


  4. Bad M

    SC QB’s totally show their hand with their stance.


  5. rocksalt

    Is it possible to break YouTube through repeat viewing? We shall see…


  6. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Boy, that FG just before halftime gave Spurrier a jolt of confidence, did it not?
    He just knew he had us right where he wanted us.


  7. Brandon (Version One)

    This is how Florida looked against Georgia in the 1990’s save 1997. Like a hot knife through butter.


  8. TXBaller

    Was UGA OL chop blocking just before the brawl started in Q4?? Looks like the entire right side OL went at the knees of the USCe DL.


  9. mike

    is this slightly sped up? or is it just me


  10. Chuck

    The opening drive of the 3d quarter is straight up Dawg porn. Beautiful, brutal efficiency.


  11. Orlando Dawg

    Has the league office decided that UGA cannot be allowed to pull off a special team trick play? The offsides call was as bogus as the man downfield call against Auburn last year. It looks like the crew got together after the play and figured out they had to call something.