Run the damn… on second thought, do whatever you want, Schotty.

If you scan Bill Connelly’s box scores for all of last week’s games, you’ll find four schools that averaged more than nine yards per offensive play.

Georgia was the only one of the four to do it against a P5 team.


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9 responses to “Run the damn… on second thought, do whatever you want, Schotty.

  1. DawgPhan

    Can I worry about a seemingly high points/opp from this weekend? Seems like they need to clean that up a little.


  2. When you average 9 yards per play, you end up only facing 4 3rd downs. One was Lambert’s only incompletion but he didn’t force the ball into coverage. One was the last Georgia possession when we ran Brendan Douglas into the middle. I can’t remember what the other failed 3rd down was, but who cares?

    That’s about as close to perfect as offensive execution gets. The only game is recent history better was the UK game last year where our only non-scoring drives were the kneel-downs at the end of each half.


  3. But but they were bad. But but they were all short, safe passes. But but Bammer is gonna rammer jammer our WRs at the line, forcing us to throw long.


  4. AceDawg

    Leaves a lot of intrigue as to what UGA will be doing game by game against quality opponents. Bama can probably generate a quality pass rush if UGA tries an intermediate to deep passing game, but if it goes the route it did against SC, UGA’s offensive line should be in good enough shape to give Lambert time. I was worried as to whether UGA could run well enough against Bama, but if the passing game is going fairly well, my concerns are averted. My biggest worry now is whether UGA will be ready to stop Derek Henry, assuming Bama realizes it should be passing the ball less.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m assuming CJP will be throwing everything at Lambert in practice to see how he reacts – and so Schotty can plan accordingly.

      Against Henry (is Drake still there?), we pretty much know they’ll come right at us. Atkins & Mayes have started off great. We’ll see if that continues against that bama OL.


  5. Dante

    Georgia’s solution to a poor 3rd down conversion percentage is to just skip 3rd down. I like the way Schottenheimer thinks.