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Bill Connelly has managed to generate a page that has advanced statistical profiles for every 2015 FBS team. (Georgia’s, if you want to see an example, looks like this.)  I am in awe of what that took to do.

It’s a terrific compliment to Marty’s yeoman work at, and I recommend you keep track of it.  Unless, you know, you couldn’t care less about that whole stats thing.

For the rest of you, Bill’s page is here.


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11 responses to “Bookmark this page!

  1. WF Dawg

    Ramsey’s punting average > Barber’s.
    Punter controversy!


  2. ScoutDawg

    Thank you Senator. Amazing read.


  3. Noonan

    We’re Number One! (in passing S&P+ and Passing Success Rate)


  4. Interesting, but, yeah, I mostly couldn’t care less. Too many maths and number thingies in my job.


  5. Look at how far the defense S&P drops in the 4th quarter. I think that speaks a lot to what we’ve been doing playing lots of freshmen late in games. And that weird Vandy bull rush we saw.


  6. StatGal

    Be still my heart.


  7. I won’t lie, most of that is Greek to me. What I understand in somewhat interesting but a lot of it is just so many numbers and that is it.


  8. Flukebucket

    Well by God, ask and ye shall receive I guess. Thank you!!