For his next trick, Nick Saban announces a cure for cancer.

Hey, remember when Nick pushed for that 10-second substitution rule ’cause he was all concerned about player health and stuff?

Saban said the committee’s study of no-huddle teams revealed that an average of four snaps per game came within the first 10 seconds of the play clock. The threat of it, though, puts a limit on how a defense can adjust, Saban said.

“You’re not really affecting how they play, but what keeps you from being able to ever take a defensive player out, whether he’s hurt, pre-existing condition, whatever it is — is the fact that they might snap the ball,” he said. “So you can’t do anything. You’ve got to call timeout to get a guy out. And if you tell a guy to get down, that’s really against the rules, and they boo him out of the park.”

Well, somehow he’s managed to put aside his qualms.  With a vengeance.

Alabama averaged nine more offensive plays per game in 2014 than it did in 2013. Last week, Alabama ran 100 plays to Mississippi’s 65.

Through three games, Alabama has run 249 plays — one more than Oregon (!), and more than spread programs such as Texas A&M (234), Arizona (231), California (227), Clemson (225), Texas Tech (218) and Auburn (188).

It’s a miracle!


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14 responses to “For his next trick, Nick Saban announces a cure for cancer.

  1. I wonder if any of the media would dare ask the Armani Bear about this. It would be particularly tasty for them to do the research on how many snaps were taken in Alabama games when they snapped the ball in less than 10 seconds.


  2. ASEF

    It’s a huge advantage for the offense. He would be an idiot not to take advantage of it out of stubbornness.

    Sort of like Richt and roster management.

    I know Saban is low-hanging fruit, but I am in his camp on the ways the game had titled so dramatically towards offense. It’s a bit ridiculous watching your average P5 showdown end up in the 40-somethings for both teams. Something’s gotta give.


    • Something’s gotta give.

      Judging from the stats, that would be Alabama’s defense.


      • ASEF

        Everyone’s defense. 45-44 is the norm now. 62-58 is no longer a “wow!” result. Defenses too often look like the token opponent for the Harlem Globetrotters. Freezing a personnel group with tempo, holding, blocking downfield on passing plays, super-tight enforcement of defensive holding/PI – it’s become too easy. And aesthetically, watching defenses look hapless all Saturday long has just become boring.


  3. It will be interesting to see how Bama’s uptempo attack does against uga grind it out approach.

    Cannot believe I typed that. Like living in bizarro world.


  4. BMan

    A pretty interesting article on Grantland this morning about the new school/old school philosophies, for lack of a better term.


  5. watcher16

    If you can’t beat ’em…


  6. A successful defense is now considered one that’s bends but doesn’t break. It’s all about getting backed into your redzone and forcing a FG(missed) and maybe a turnover.


  7. Nashville West

    Somewhere Chuck Bednarik is laughing his a$$ off…


  8. Bright Idea

    Bama’s running a lot more plays than they used to but they ain’t running them near as well as they used to.


  9. I can’t really defend Saban. He complained about number of plays run and now we run as many or more than other spread teams. My guess is that he thinks he has to move towards that type of offense because that’s where football is headed.

    I will say, it doesn’t feel like the same pace as Baylor or Oregon and I’m not sure why.

    I kind of wish that we would go back to the more traditional pro-set offense. We are built to run that style offense. It has the added benefit of keeping the HUNH offenses off the field and keeping our young and very inexperienced defense off the field. I think if we run a pro-style offense against Ole Miss, we see a different result. The defense played well when it wasn’t put in bad spots by turnovers. The defense would have benefited from a clock-chewing offense.


  10. WarD Eagle

    I think my favorite part of his whining is the juxtaposition of a timeout with player health, especially the pre-existing condition canard.

    One might accidentally come to the conclusion ol’ Nick cares more about timeouts than a player dying from a heart condition.