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What Saban has time for. 

So ‘Bama finds itself going into a game as an underdog for the first time in what seems like forever. Big effin’ deal.

That’s not what matters to Nick Saban .

What matters is that Alabama can’t afford a second conference loss. Not with the way the West race is starting to shape up.

That’s what makes Saban and his team dangerous this week. When’s the last time anyone faced a quasi-desperate Tide?



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Worth every penny 

All that spending like drunken sailors on coaching salaries this past offseason – is it too soon to start questioning the judgment of people like Jeff Long and Jay Jacobs?

I’d say no, simply because even if it’s not too late to turn seasons around at Arkansas and Auburn, their main goal of competing for a title in the West is already dead and gone. 

At this point, their focus has to be on not being that team, the last place program with the four million-dollar head coach. 

And if you’re the lucky athletic director who winds up in that boat, where do you go from there?  Hope and pray it turns around quickly, or spend more of that SEC TV money on a buyout and new blood?


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Quarter of the week 

Sure, Georgia – Alabama is the heavyweight SEC game this coming Saturday. 

But judging from their recent game management misadventures, the fourth quarter of Arkansas – Tennessee may be the most compelling fifteen minutes of football we’ll see, if, by compelling, we mean in the sense of an impending car crash from which we can’t look away. 


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