What Saban has time for. 

So ‘Bama finds itself going into a game as an underdog for the first time in what seems like forever. Big effin’ deal.

That’s not what matters to Nick Saban .

What matters is that Alabama can’t afford a second conference loss. Not with the way the West race is starting to shape up.

That’s what makes Saban and his team dangerous this week. When’s the last time anyone faced a quasi-desperate Tide?


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  1. Timphd

    My thoughts exactly. I would have preferred they beat Ole Miss so they wouldn’t be desperate on arrival. Still think Dawgs can win though.


  2. Dolly Llama

    Don’t think it needs the “quasi” qualifier.


  3. DawgPhan

    When was the last time that Bama was desperate and punching above their head?

    Sure we will get their best shot, what else is new, but they are no longer more talented than UGA.


    • Rick

      They are still more talented, just not at some important positions (QB being #1). They also aren’t as well coached on offense, and we’ve closed the gap on defense.


      • UGA85

        I actually think we have the talent edge at offensive line, running back, linebacker, and quarterback. You could make a strong argument for wide receiver and tight end as well. Secondary may be a wash, leaving them with a definite advantage only at defensive line. They probably have more overall depth, but I don’t see Bama with a huge talent advantage over us this year.


        • Macallanlover

          I would add punter as well. OL may be wash, our guys are good but haven’t been dominant against much weaker fronts,than Bama’s, imo. I think we have to give Lambert enough time to pass the running game open.


  4. roswelldawg

    This is a benchmark game for sure. If we win, it should give us great confidence the rest of the year. If we lose, we stand a good chance on going 9-3 with losses to Auburn and Florida as well. Dang it, I hate that it comes to this. Instead of Darth Visor, we have the Emperor from the Dark Side. Dude is dangerous when he is down.

    And pray for Devon Gailes.


  5. Dolly Llama

    You think better of calling him Satan, Senator, or was it auto-correct?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    We don’t need to play above our heads to win. We just need to play well.

    On the other hand, numerous Bama players will be discarded like weak Spartans if they lose, so they’ll be out for blood.


  7. Juan

    The last time? Well, it was probably last year when they smoked A&M 59-0.

    Remember after the ole miss loss last year they should’ve lost the next week to Arkansas but squeaked it out by 1 point.

    I’m just glad they have Coker


  8. Same can be said about UT, too. Maybe we can match best shot for best shot.


  9. Spike

    Why are we the favorite?


    • Cojones

      Perception of where the number chosen will encourage an equal number of people to bet on the underdog as will bet on the favorite has created UGA as the favorite, I. e., perception that we got mo’ juice, talent, teamwork or spirit to win than Bama (or that our dicks are longer?).

      The best part is that no pundit is hyping(overhyping) their favorite by tossing chicken bones or throwing shit against the wall.

      The points have now gone to a solid -2.5 for Georgia to mark the first time in about five years that Bama hasn’t been favored in a football game. Every time anyone has beaten Bama in the last 5 years, that team was an underdog. Am I helping?

      You gotta ask Scorp from here on ’cause karmic bitches ain’t in my department.


  10. ClydeBoogie

    Where is Pat Dye? Can we get a good insult from him again? We need our guys to match bama’s badass with our own badass so we can see who the real badass is.


  11. TMC dawg

    We thought the team was jacked up for sc, wait till Saturday! Athens might expolde with a win!!!


  12. Granthams replacement

    Saban doesn’t respond well to pressure. Kiffin without A Cooper has been fun to watch breaking in a new QB. I’m hoping Saban chokes kiffin with both hands after a turnover in the second half and the wheels come off the bama bus


    • Russ

      I agree. He is a great front runner. Not so sure when the confidence is lacking. We just need to worry about our game and avoid mistakes and let it fall where it may. Losing to Bama does nothing to our goals.


  13. Chuck

    I get the concern about the cornered snake being the most dangerous, but I thought that about SOS. I am cautiously beginning to think we just might not be intimidated/wet the bed/shoot ourselves in the foot. Can’t wait to find out.


  14. Mike Cooley

    Yeah but I think we got the coaching not to lose thing out of the way when Richt told Schottenheimer to be aggressive and let it rip.


  15. UGA85

    The stakes are higher for them than for us. If they lose, the season is in the tank, by their standards. If we lose, we still go to ATL, almost certainly. They are desperate, and we are not. They have been tested (and beaten) and we have not. It should make for an interesting game.


  16. McTyre

    Baka supposedly was fired up for their “revenge” game with Ole Miss. Indeed they have had their way with our run D the last two times we met, but I’d like to think we’ve upgraded on D while Bama’s lost a bit of their luster. Would much prefer us in the underdog role though …


  17. Normaltown Mike

    The last time anyone faced a desperate tide?

    Barbara Streisand, 1991.


  18. Thread Jack McGillicuddy

    Volun Tears.


  19. PTC DAWG

    Dawgs roll….book it.


  20. sUGArdaddy

    I don’t know. Wasn’t Nick locked and loaded for Auburn in ’13? Wasn’t he ready for OSU in the semis last year? Weren’t they dialed in for their revenge game AT HOME vs. Ole Miss, a team they are remarkably more talented than?

    There’s an edge missing in T-town. Maybe they find it on Saturday, but I think we’re just better. There is an eerie calm about this Dawgs team. I think we know, in a very healthy way, how good we are and we’re playing like it. I also don’t think we’ve been close to seeing our best.

    We have nothing to lose. Bama could get very, very tight.


    • Cojones

      Don’t think either team will be tight after the first qtr, but ,”…I think we’re just better.” summarizes quite a few details and I agree with that sentiment.

      And I don’t think any of us are whistlin’ through the graveyard.


  21. GaBoy 3000

    I’m not overly concerned with a loss against Bama, I just hope our guys play well in the game. I’m more concerned about winning all of the games against the eastern opponents.


  22. DawgFaithful

    Umm… last year after they lost to Ole Miss. They were desperate against Arkansas, A&M, Tennessee, LSU and then Mississippi St.

    One more loss and they were done. How is this different other than that they’re a 1 point underdog?


    • Normaltown Mike

      Kiffin wasn’t honking on lil Saban last year.


      • Is there any truth to that rumor? I almost don’t care because it is a great rumor, regardless, but if there is any factual underpinning than there is a cancer on that team and it’s name is Kniffin..


        • Normaltown Mike

          probably not true as to the honkee, but very accurate as to the honkor. Remember he ditched a car in Knoxville when he was out partying with some girls past midnight?

          The guy has “cad” written all over that little smirk.


    • DawgFaithful

      Seeing -2.5 now. Still… last time they were backed in a corner was last year. Every game after the ole miss loss


  23. Cojones

    So the odds are -2, -2.5 favoring the Dawgs, eh? This week it doesn’t make a damn. Those athletes are going out there to show their stuff back home and in front of an audience.

    “Fighting mad”? Don’t think so. They will both be nervous; Bama for being in strange territory where no team member has performed; UGA for the same reason only our fear will come from possible disappointment of the home crowd. Both will be desparate, both will be nervous and they both will get over it as the game progresses.

    When Kiffen was at Tenn, he said he could beat the Dawgs and he did. He nor Mark Richt have forgotten that. I believe that Mark had Bama in mind when he hired Schottenheimer. He intends to turn his NFL planning devil loose on Bama’s D.

    How do I think it will go? Everyone’s guess is as good as gold to them here at this blog. Think that Schotty will seek to back them away from the box, but not too long. He already knows where he will make the pinch open on the O-line and when to do it. I don’t expect that the long runs will be as frequent as we have seen, but the bludgeoning force method will give 5yds here and there. I’m sure both Lambert and Ramsey will be deployed to soften their secondary with an infrequent bomb thrown into the mix. Our receivers should have a field day, a notion that was strange to me earlier in the year, mostly coming from the pass/run option plays their D-line/LBs will force us to deploy.

    Defense will allow Henry to get his yds rather than expose the secondary to rapid-fire passes. While Bama’s QB isn’t as good as ours, doesn’t mean he isn’t talented enough to connect on a bomb or two, but overall, the fear of a Pruitt trap may make him conservative in that vein. The run advantage against our D-line, STs and their advantage in the punt game may bring the game towards parity with the last possession going to the winner.

    My money’s on the Dawgs to perform and get a well-deserved win. No idea by how much, but we can spot Bama 2.5pts for sure.


  24. Cojones

    BD, how do you see it?


  25. ASEF

    Alabama’s offense is a mess. It’s supposed to be a Swiss Army knife: multiple at taking whatever a particular D can’t defend. Instead, it’s a talented group of football players collectively good at nothing.

    Their front 7 is really, really good – but if Schottenheimer can make their LBs cover tight ends and RBs, then that’s the weakness.

    Alabama special teams are a mess, too.


  26. I’d say talent is a wash between the two. They are close enough that it will come down to coaching and the little things.

    Bama hasn’t been sharp on the little things this year and we haven’t developed an offensive identity yet. I don’t think that even a desperate Saban team can overcome those.