“I know our fans are sick about it and I don’t blame them.”

Hey, give us some credit – at least this time nobody egged the starting quarterback’s house after a depressing defeat as a top 10 team!

Apathy disguised as maturity… you gotta take what you can get, folks.

By the way, anybody notice Pruitt used “Aight” in Marc’s article?  Gettin’ more ‘Bama every day.



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  1. Dolly Llama

    I’m taking a break from GTP until after the Tennessee game. Hopefully by then, everyone from the Senator on down will get their asses off their shoulders.


  2. Noonan

    “Unless Georgia starts steam-rolling people, this loss, even if they win the SEC championship game, this loss is going to be remembered,” Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” said Monday morning. “Championship teams don’t lose that game.”

    Mike, you ignorant slut: In 2014 Ohio State lost by two touchdowns to a team that finished unranked. I guess they weren’t a championship team.


  3. Merk

    In good UGA news, Gurley did Gurley type things to Arizona this weekend.


    • He was an absolute beast on Sunday. I would have loved to see him in Falcon red and black …


      • Rp

        But that Freeman guy had a good game as well.


        • Yes, I know, but I just think TG3II has the opportunity to be a HoF type of player if he stays healthy. I gave up on the Falcons when they turned down a chance on Gurley to select Beasley and then had the gall to put a highlight of him sacking Aaron Murray on their Twitter feed.


          • Thats just how the Falcons roll. They just don’t get it. A month or so ago, Dimitroff visited UGA practice to take a look at our linebacking core. The radio played the hallelujah song in response to the fact that the Falcon’s even acknowledged the Dawgs (and the SEC in general) existed.


          • PTC DAWG

            I will be shocked if Gurley stays healthy myself.


            • Merk

              Guess you got the ESPN meme stuck in your head, for whatever reason they were just so adamant to make it seem like the guy was always getting hurt, when he got hurt 3 times.

              The guy rolled an ankle badly 1 year, injured his hammy another, and his ACL in another.

              Of those only 1 can even really be considered for possible repeat injuries.
              The ankle was just something that can happen when a 250 LB guy jumps on your back as you run.

              The Hammy injury occurred when he pushed it a bit too hard against Clemson on his long run, players injury hammies all the time and are not labeled “injury Prone”

              The ACL, I personally think most of that as just a freak injury. Guy has not had any issues with his ACL prior, so nothing to say that he is injury prone with it.


          • You people are idiots. The Falcons are 4-0 thanks in large part to the addition of Vic Beasley to the defense. Todd Gurley doesn’t make the Falcons better this year. Devonte Freeman has been just what we need at RB.

            But that’s about the kind of thinking I’d expect from people who make excuses for Richt because he’s a nice guy. I don’t give a damn if the Falcons ever draft a Bulldog, and if you were an actual intelligent fan, you wouldn’t either.


            • I was making a comment and you high-jack the whole thing to talk about CMR. The thread had ZERO to do with him or the current state of UGA football. We were talking about TG3II, and by the way, I’m not even an NFL fan other than to see how former Georgia guys perform.

              You’re quickly becoming the biggest jackass commenter at GTP.


              • I’d rather be a jackass than a dumbass. And bitching over the Falcons taking Beasley over Gurley ranks as one of the stupidest fucking comments I’ve read here.


                • Did I bitch about it? No. Do I care? No.

                  I didn’t think the Falcons handled the PR very well. Showing Beasley sack Aaron Murray on the Twitter feed wasn’t the best clip to select when most of your fans are also Georgia fans.


  4. Oh come on now, there have to be more than 3 replies about our own fan base rolling Murray’s house several years ago after a big loss! Perhaps our fans as well as our players have learned about John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, Practice self-discipline and keep our emotions under control. Good judgement and common sense are essential. Our lives go on! Neither too high or too low! Nah! We’re Georgia. Who is this weeks game of the year against?????


  5. Scott W.

    The “why are you mad”speech gets better every year. Remember we have done this before.


  6. charlottedawg

    We’ve checked annual blowout loss off the to do list for 2015, unfortunately the annual loss to an Eastern division opponent still lurks.


  7. CannonDawg

    “Gettin’ more ‘Bama every day.”

    If only.


  8. Dog in Fla

    “Danny Kanell, the former Florida State quarterback under Georgia coach Mark Richt and also an ESPN analyst, said if Georgia plays Alabama in the SEC championship game and wins…”

    Danny sees not one but two miracles. In related show biz news, CMR continues to churn until the fans get buttah


  9. Puffdawg

    Ok, I’m back on the bus. Sometimes you just have to unplug, which is what I did for a few days. Took me a few days to get over the hump, but I’m with the players: time to move on. The loss hurt, and we face planted, no question. I must admit I felt a touch of apathy on this one than I ever have before, but alas, I still love the dawgs and I’m going to keep screaming my lungs out for them.

    Do you realize we still have a great shot to win the East and play for the SECC? Haha, I’m going to get roasted for this comment, but whatever. See ya in Knoxville,

    Go Dawgs!


    • AlphaDawg

      I actually unplugged Saturday after the blocked punt. I had my girls this weekend and brided them to watch the game with me. I was on my 2nd drink and after that score I poured it out and continued to watch the game. After it was over I spent the evening on the couch watching Disney movies. Except for that game it was great evening.


  10. Will Trane

    Where are those 5 star recruits going to play next year who were at that game?
    Think on that for awhile Dawg fans who think it was okay.


  11. Will Trane

    CMR should use some coach speak about the cut tackles UT uses in a game.
    Bet a player or 2 can remember the injuries they had from that at UT games.


  12. It was raining too hard to egg anything last Saturday even for the most stupid of fans. LOL.


  13. I got back from LA last night so it was easy to get away form the “accountable” people here.


  14. Athens Dog

    Pruitt also said “we done that” Alabama indeed


  15. nashvegasdawg

    It was a brutal loss, still grieving.

    Listening to some radio guy who was referenced the GA loss and remarked howabout how dominant the West is, and all I could think was, “you mean like when Ole Miss beat FL?” Oh, wait. That loss to an East team didn’t count.
    It’s the SEC, better bring your A+ game, or you’re likely to get beat.
    Luckily the sun rose on Sunday, and the Dawgs get a chance to beat UT this week (pleaseohpleaseohplease).


    • Dog in Fla

      “Dawgs get a chance to beat UT this week (pleaseohpleaseohplease).”

      if we don’t, BOLO for flying fish around here


  16. DawgTyme

    Bad news is:
    1) UF has a top 3 rush defense, scoring defense, and scoring offense, nationally against ranked teams.

    2) TN is a top 20- rush defense against ranked teams, TOP 25 scoring defense and top #15 scoring offense against ranked teams & turnover margin against ranked teams like Georgia.

    3) Kentucky has #3 scoring defense against ranked teams, top 15 rush def against ranked teams. Bad matchup #3.

    Good news:
    UGA should win the other 4 games on the schedule easily.

    Has an 8-4 feel.


  17. It’s comment sections like these that make me wish this was blog was subscription only. Would trim the fat some…


  18. DawgTyme

    Insight #7: The flaw in the article is comparing 2012 to 2015. True what they have in common is an early blowout loss and Richt as Head Coach both times. Where they are different is UGA would likely have to play Alabama again. And the Qb play is different from an experience standpoint. And there are no NFL WR’s besides Mitchell. Apples & oranges. And pretty much all the Asst coaches are new since 2012. The 2015 team couldn’t be more different than the 2012 team.


  19. 3rdandGrantham

    Colin Cowherd just called UCLA “The Georgia of the west coast—always have talent but can never quite put it together. They also totally fail to show up for two games yearly for whatever reason.”

    This is the same guy who, love him or hate him, has always tried to prop us up more than we deserve, has called Athens the best college town in America, et al.

    When it rains, it pours I guess. When my Udub friend from Seattle sends me a text saying that he feels sorry for me, you damn sure know that your team just laid a giant, embarrassing egg in front of the entire nation.


    • charlottedawg

      The national perspective of Georgia is a) haven’t seen us in a BCS bowl in ages and b)insert most recent nationally televised bed shitting. It’s like we do our best to make sure we have the maximum number of eyeballs to see us look like the most oveoverrated program again and again and again and again. ……


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Now Champ Bailey is getting into the mix…said UGA continually under performs, and “I don’t know if a coaching change is necessary, but…”



        • Maybe he was referring to Donnan. 😉


          • 3rdandGrantham

            At this point, all we can do is hope. Champ is so well spoken and articulate, and because of his stature I very easily could see rivals using what he said today on Cowherd’s show yesterday against us. I mean, just cringe worthy when one of our all timers is questioning our coaching, under performance over many years, etc.

            Then Cowherd throws out that Georgia produces as many top div. 1 HS talent as California, and how UGA should be among the best of the best programs yearly, and you literally could hear Champ shrugging his shoulders.


      • D.N. Nation

        2012 Georgia didn’t make a BCS bowl because they played in the SECCG and lost. Had Georgia not won the East, Florida wouldn’t gone and promptly gotten the absolute f**k beaten out of them by Bama, rather than saving that sort of thing for the Sugar Bowl in front of about 13,000 or so of their fans. I think ’07 Hawaii brought more people to NOLA than ’12 Florida did.

        In retrospect, Georgia really deserved a BCS at-large bid. Florida was on fumes and borrowed time, which showed itself in full the following season.


  20. shane#1

    My brother has harped about a lack of discipline on the UGA team for years. I haven’t talked to him this week because I am sick of hearing about it. Damn if those boys aren’t going to make me agree with him. Thanks a lot fellas!