Everybody is special at Second Chance U.  And they know it.

Williams, whom each employee said appeared intoxicated, verbally harassed security guards and attempted to get the friend back into the bar by using his local celebrity status, only to be thrown out himself.

Why play the “don’t you know who I am?” card?  ‘Cause it works, bitches.

The bar’s owners allowed Williams to return, but he later threw a drink at a female patron, according to one witness.

Get a second chance from your head coach to start, get a second chance to go back into the bar to make an ass of yourself.  You have to admit there’s a certain amount of consistency at work there.



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5 responses to “Clubbin’

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Duke musta walked across the ground where the poison was spread, went through his feet, ya know. That poison was some bad stuff…had to remediate like half an acre around them old oaks, there… Toomer’s corner is like a nuke site.


  2. ClydeBoogie

    Guppy has lost all control over there, I just wish I could hear some of the conversations that Trigga and Garner are having. People go all ape shit because we get a good ass whiping from time to time and “Richt will never, ever, ever win a NC in a gazillion years.” This, is what would make me go ape shit that dude should have been gone long ago. Guppy is one desperate ass dude. Wait a minute…..wait one doggone minute could this all be the work of Agent Muschamp? Could he be in full atomic destruct mode? The football program AND the institution? Hmmmm……


  3. Dolly Llama

    From the linked article:

    “Records obtained by show police responded to a fight at the 100 block of West Magnolia Ave. near Skybar at 1:50 a.m. Sunday. Williams was not mentioned in the call log, and Capt. Lorenza Dorsey of the Auburn Police Department said no police report has been filed in relation to Williams.

    ‘We have had no one come forward and say that Duke Williams assaulted anyone,’ Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said.”

    Must be nice to be above the law.


    • Yep–in Auburn the Chief does everything he can to keep football players’ names OUT of police reports. Meanwhile in Athens, Jimmy Williamson only dispatches his crew to put football players’ names IN police reports.

      I wonder how many other coaches use Williamson in recruiting against the dawgs? I would. “See, here at X University, the police look out for you. In Athens–they are out to get you. Its your decision kid…I just know I wouldn’t want to go someplace where I’d get arrested, pretty much, just for being on the football team…”


  4. Russ

    Well, to be fair, if I was stuck in the Auburn AL, I’d drink heavily, too.