Georgia and defending running quarterbacks

I don’t think this was said to make me feel any better about Saturday.  In any event, it doesn’t.

But it’s Dobbs who is the big wrinkle in the offense. As senior linebacker Jake Ganus pointed out, the only quarterback Georgia has played this season who can compare to Dobbs is South Carolina quarterback Lorenzo Nunez, who only played a fraction of Georgia’s matchup with the Gamecocks earlier in the season.

Because a defense has to account for the threat of him rushing as well as throwing the ball, it changes the dynamic of the way Georgia approaches its defensive gameplan.

It all comes back to that lesson of discipline that Jenkins learned three years ago.

“Any time you have a running quarterback, it makes everything a little tougher because you have to respect him in that aspect,” Ganus said. “Even in passes, you’ve got to be aware of where he’s at and if he’s outside of the pocket or not. We’ve just got to do a great of trying to keep him contained and just focusing, locking in on him.”

Nunez, in a blowout, still managed 10 rushes for 76 yards.

Dobbs showed his running skills against a very good Florida defense with this sweet move:

Add in a wet field Saturday, and, yeah, I’m a little nervous.


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26 responses to “Georgia and defending running quarterbacks

  1. kckd

    Last years Auburn game should help some.


  2. dudemankind

    Dobbs isn’t much of a passer though, and NO WAY is anybody gonna beat Pruitt’s defense while being one dimensional !! (where is that sarcasm font key anyway?)


  3. I wonder if they will water down the field like the last time. I wonder if the turf is better than a poor junior high field, now. I think they re-turfed it over the summer.

    I guess there will be some rain again. I don’t think we are a team built for rain.


  4. Mary Kate Danaher

    Tennessee is wearing alternate gray uniforms tomorrow, so Dawgs should win big. Teams don’t win when they have to rely on “fake juice”, right?


    • Macallanlover

      Black jerseys may make a comeback after last week. They had nothing to do with 2008 loss but I do hope we just wear the black jerseys and don’t worry about color coordinating with the crowd. It is a primary color of UGA and a great looking uni that the players loved. Nothing fake about the players being excited for something so simple. Let the wear them next week against Mizzou. Now leave thehlmets and Power Rangers stuff out, that was embarrassing.


  5. JT (the other one)

    I don’t care what anyone says…he still looks like some sort of alien from a movie…I have watched interviews with him and he seems like a very smart great kid, so just a wavetop observation…nothing to do with the upcoming game.


  6. Matt b

    Sure would be nice if DeShaun Watson had “fit the system”, wouldn’t it?


  7. Rp

    Pruitt has done fairly well against mobile quarterbacks (see Auburn and Missou last year). I see the UT offense being more similar to AU and MZ which he handled well. It has been the power running game that has gotten him into trouble. TN has some of that with Hurd, but my impression is that they do not have an imposing Oline and Dobbs is not a great passer. I hope to see #84 used as a spy to stop the QB scrambles and bootlegs.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Seems to me our D is a good fit for a Dobbs/ut offense. Plus, the D only gave up 24 in the fiasco last week. Seems like we did best against mobile guys like Mauk & Marshall last year. I don’t believe D is gonna be a problem – rain or no rain.

    My concerns are on the STs. Giving the ball to Chubb 30+ times would allay any concerns I have about the O.


  9. Debby Balcer

    We had no film on Nunez which did not help when the got on the field.


    • Rp

      Agreed. The whole game plan that week was for Orth. The fact that Nunez came in late in the game and made a few plays with his feet doesn’t prove much. The game plan this week will have a major focus on containing Dobbs in the running game.


    • Russ

      Bingo. Plus Nunez was a substitute meaning we hadn’t really planned for him much. Seeing what Pruitt did to the thief and Auburn last year gives me great hope.


  10. Mayor

    The wet field may keep Dobbs from making cuts as well. I actually think a wet field helps Georgia against UT.


  11. Hound of Kerak

    My main concern is the status of their shitty turf.


  12. 69Dawg

    Isaiah Wynn said the rain hurt the offensive line in run blocking. I think it was a combination of water and physic Alabama was bigger on the defensive line than our offensive lineman. Hopefully we won’t have that problem with UT. It looked like they could run but hopefully our defense will be able to stop them. I’m through thinking we can win a game until we actually do. This team has the usual Georgia face plant gene and it’s hard to overcome your genes.


  13. Rocket Dawg

    I’m not worried. Egghead is a pathetic passer just like the theif at Auburn. Load up against the power run and knock their d$&k in the dirt every single time


  14. Mike

    At half time in the Florida game, Dobbs was the leading rusher and the leading receiver for both teams.