“If every instinct you have…”

I know what D.J. Shockley’s getting at with his advice for Greyson Lambert this week, but I can’t help but cringe inwardly a little at his use of the “I” word.

… There were times Lambert did not trust what he saw, nor did he deliver the football with confidence like we saw against South Carolina. In 2005, we played at Tennessee and I remember a key moment in the game where I had just thrown an interception that was run back to the 1-yard line. The very next offensive play when we got the ball back Coach Richt called a deep post route and I hit it for a big play. That was the confidence I needed going forward. Bottom line, there was no time to sulk about the INT. I had to pick myself back up and play ball for my team with a loud stadium going crazy. For quarterbacks, instincts are everything, along with believing every time the football leaves your hand. Never second guess your decision. Against Tennessee, I expect Schotty to call high-percentage throws such as slants, hitches and screens. Lambert needs to play with poise, confidence and the belief he can make the plays when the time calls for it.

Um… Lambert trusting his instincts is kinda what got him into the mess in the first place, isn’t it?

Perhaps instead he should call upon the well-known quarterbacks coach George Costanza for some direction.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’d like to think Lambert is confused about his instincts, rather than trusting bad ones. A few whippings and a Code Red or two ought to clear things up.


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    I said this following the Vandy game, and I definitely saw it this last weekend vs Alabama. The WR’s are simply not that good. Yes, Lambert has his issues as well, but the WR’s are just not able to gain separation vs quality defenses. When there is zero window Lambert will not throw the ball. We saw what happened when Ramsey came into the game. The remainder of the season will come do to the short to intermediate passing game and the running game.


    • If you were at the game and watching closely, you would have noticed several plays where Lambert didn’t see an open Godwin. (He also missed a wide open Chubb in the flat on a play.)

      ‘Bama was conceding the risk of Georgia hitting intermediate to deep throws. Lambert chose not to make them pay.


      • Mike Cooley

        I watched it on TV and there were several times you could see Godwin was wide open but Lambert either didn’t see him or was afraid to not go to Mitchell.


        • Ben

          Our guys getting behind coverage is something we’ve done lots against Saban’s teams. Remember the 04 LSU game? Greene ate them alive there. Until lambert can perfect that back shoulder fade or anything down the sideline, we’re going to have problems. If he listens to the coaches and let’s it rip, consequences be damned, it might be okay. He’s earned that, to some extent. Ramsey, though, hasn’t.


  3. Twatification

    This is all much ado about nothing. Murray tanked the SC game in 2012 and everybody was longing for Stafford. Damn, it happens. Lambert’s entitled to one off day per season. it was kind of bad weather for a passing attack and it was against Nick Saban. Just making too much out of this. There ain’t no more Saban quality defensive coaches on the schedule. Hand the ball to Chubb and Michel.


    • mikebozo

      So the Vandy game don’t count as an off day


      • Charles

        The first half at most, sure.


      • PatinDC

        My father is a private pilot. As a pilot one of the critical parts of the flight is landing the plane. As my dad always says, the only bad landing is one you don’t walk away from.

        UGA won at Vandy. Some people would say they gutted out a conference win on the road, other say it was a crappy game. Still counts as a landing you walked away from.

        UGA did not walk away from the landing against AL, so therefore that is a bad result. None wants to crash the plane or lose the game. That is why they keep flying and playing.


  4. Gastr1

    I have no comment other than thanks for the laugh, Senator, I’d forgotten about that scene.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    This goes against my grain, but….”Coach Richt called”


  6. Mike Cooley

    Lol. Senator, I immediately thought of George and Jerry sitting in the coffee shop as soon as I read the header. But I don’t think “the opposite” is what Lambert needs.


  7. Coach Bobby Finstock

    I’m the opposite of every quarterback you’ve ever known.