Closing the door on last Saturday’s debacle

Call it a metaphor, call it the final touch on a shitty day… in any event, I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the aftermath of the Alabama game than by sharing this.

A West Georgia man was driving home from last Saturday’s University of Georgia football game in Athens when he stopped at a Jackson County gas station and discovered he was hauling an intoxicated UGA student.

The 47-year-old Alabama fan, who lives near Columbus, had stopped about 11 p.m. at the On the Run station on Winder Highway, Jefferson, when he found the unconscious student, according to a Jackson County Sheriff’s report.

After the student was awakened, he told the man he didn’t know how he got in his vehicle. Although he had a cell phone, the student told a deputy he didn’t know anyone in Athens who was sober enough to come and get him.

The motorist decided to take the student back to Athens, as he and the deputy didn’t know what else to do with him. The man told the deputy he was glad he didn’t get all the way home before finding the student.

Damn, son.



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16 responses to “Closing the door on last Saturday’s debacle

  1. Russ

    Now I don’t feel quite so stupid about some of my college stunts.


  2. I know I wasn’t sober enough to go get him……..glad my son didn’t call me. (Kidding)


  3. Charles

    They beat us up and stole our dates. AND abducted our students.


  4. Dolly Llama

    Shit, who among you hasn’t found yourself in this situation?


  5. Barking Dawg

    All i know is that Lane Kiffin owns Mark Richt. While HC at UTK, he said he would never lose to Richt. Damn…he is spot on so far.


    • Nate Dawg

      Right. Cuz 2 chances is a plentiful plethora of opportunities to not only set this as the standard, but also toss another dig at Richt. Great job being a fan there.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Five bucks says this shows up next year in a country song.


  7. Mike Cooley

    Lol. Kiffen says all sorts of stupid shit. See his time as head coach at Tenn for examples. The fact that he is right thus far about never losing to UGA is nothing but a happy coincidence for him. When you spew as much as he does without thinking you’re bound to be right once in a while. But this too shall pass.


  8. RG

    Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son…

    That’s all I could think of.


  9. Reading this, I could not help but smile, thinking back to my college days. At least the kid didn’t drive drunk. He has now reached legend status among all who know him. ( Those under 30 anyways ). He’ll be telling this story at every tailgate the rest of his life. Man ,if I were 18 again and knew half what I know now…


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Considering what his team did to ours on the field (and in the stands), seems like taking him back to Athens was the least he could do. Paying it backward.


  11. J.G.

    I know that kid. He says his dream is to pass out drunk in the trunk of Saban’s Merc.