Place your bets.

The line against Missouri may surprise you a little.

Marc’s got a good point there.


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34 responses to “Place your bets.

  1. IAmAChubbyMan

    What’s the Vegas line on the over/under for Richt brain farts?


  2. Tronan

    It’s a toss-up. It’s all going to come down to who wants fourth place in the SEC East the most.


  3. Dave

    Missouri is very bad this year. We are simply not vet good. There is a difference.


    • Biggus Rickus

      17 seems high though. Missouri’s defense is good, and Georgia’s offense is…spotty. There’s probably a decent shot Missouri scores 17 themselves, which means Georgia would need 34, and I don’t see where that would come from.


  4. For some reason I feel confident against Mizzu. Richt rarely has 3 meltdowns in a row. But then again, neither does any coach in division 1.


  5. Will Trane

    Saw the title.
    Thought it was going to be about CMR leaving at end of season.
    Frankly that would be the spread I would give Missouri.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Does Vegas have a TV? Doesn’t appear they’ve been tuning in lately.


  7. Juan

    We could cover or we could flat out lose the game. The Georgia way baby!

    Senator, I am so glad to see the previous few posts. You are showing us all that you do understand the frustration, it’s not all about stats and trend, trolls and rose colored glasses. There is truly a problem with the head of our program.

    No doubt we win 9-10 games again. But we will never get over the hump. I’m glad to see/read you know this. After a decade or whatever of reading this blog I was actually beginning to worry about you.


    • UGAIII

      My first post on this blog was about the 2005 bullshit we saw against WV. I respect Scorp, Cojones, Mac, & Mayor of Dawgtown, Dog in Fla, yes, always, cept his liberal shit. Also jdrip (met at the tailgate last year). 👍🏻

      What is happening is spiritual warfare.


  8. VoxDawg

    As much as it pains me to say it, without Chubb, we’re every bit as overrated as Auburn. That’s not to say I don’t think we handle our business against Mizzzou, but the state of the union is weak as hell.


  9. mikebozo

    No way we are 17 better then anyone right now


  10. CorpsDawg

    Depends on whether or not they are mentally coached that they will not lose this game, there is no other choice, and no second chance on seeing the field ever again if they don’t win. Now get out there and hit someone.


  11. Turd Ferguson

    Even if I had money on it, I’m still not sure I’d be interested enough to actually watch the game.


    • Russ

      And yet, you’ll post about it on the Sunday night 6 days before the game.


      • Turd Ferguson

        Sure, why not? We’ve reached a point in the season where talking about Georgia football is more interesting than actually watching it. Other things currently more interesting than watching Georgia football: watching paint dry, counting arm hairs, clicking a pen.

        I’ll be on vacation this weekend. If I bother to watch any football, it’ll be either Michigan vs. MSU or Florida vs. LSU. Both should be very interesting and entertaining games, featuring some very well-coached teams. But if you’d rather watch two sinking ships fight to avoid finishing 5th in the East, have at it, champ.


        • BarneyDawg

          Unreal that I agree with Turd. I now read about the Dawgs ,but I can’t stand to watch anymore. This week I went to the movies to remove the temptation to watch. The games now last so long that I caught the end of it , no matter how hard I wanted to stay away. Next time I will try to find a double feature.


  12. Merk

    I know this story. We will be shit talked all week about losing chubb and the 2 losses. The team will take it personally, whoop Mizzou’s ass, then roll into UF thinking they got their game back, only to be curb-stomped for a 2nd year in a row.


  13. JT (the other one)

    Take the points and Mizzou…


  14. Mike

    That Missouri defense is pretty stout. Particularly #91, Charles Harris. After Florida got two quick scores in the first quarter, he settled in a basically controlled the LOS single handedly. Florida only had 5 first downs in the second half.

    I think the betting line might have as much to do with the first road start for a true freshman. He was not horrible Saturday, but by the ned of the game, he had been hit so much he became gun shy and inaccurate.


    • JCDAWG83

      The perfect cure for a qb with confidence issues is a game against Georgia. That freshman will look like Peyton Manning Saturday.


  15. Spike

    No offense.. but I’ll take Mizzou and the points and pray the Dawgs win. Either way, I win.


  16. How did we get this bad? Our defense now looks as bad as our offense and special teams. CJP has never been a loser before, but now he looks like it. I don’t have confidence in any unit on our team anymore, though our talent level would be the envy of any team on our schedule not named Bama. There are systemic issues that have not been fixed with our off-season changes. If the season plays out as expected, with 4 or 5 losses and ongoing listless play, I hope someone has the authority and confidence necessary to start the complete coaching overhaul that we need.


  17. Chuck

    Unless it has become possible to score negative points in college football and the Tigers from Columbia West do so, we won’t cover 17 against Mizzou because we ain’t scoring 17 against Mizzou.