Give that Dawg a bone.

For this week’s Missouri, Georgia has taken the unusual step of only naming three captains for the game:  John Theus, Reggie Davis and Josh Dawson.  Interestingly, there is no special teams captain.

If that’s a form of message sending, what to make of this?

… Dawson, a senior from Tucker, did not start in the Tennessee game and did [not – sic] record a tackle or any other statistic against the Vols.



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14 responses to “Give that Dawg a bone.

  1. Jared S.

    I stopped expecting things to make sense a long time ago!


  2. frowertr

    The naming of the captains is a total joke. Theus as a captain? When has he been worth his 5 stars? Bama and UT made him look silly the last two weeks. Dawson? As noted, he didn’t even start last week.


    • Dolly Llama

      Maybe the criteria for the naming of captains is different for the Georgia coaches/team than it is for you.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Theus has been a good player. He’s not an elite tackle as his 5 star rating would have indicated, but he’ll be drafted and likely make a roster.


  3. Will Trane

    What is the status of A J Turman? Injured? Suspended? Transferred? Being held out? Had numbers in spring game. But I lost track of him after that.
    So Senator do you know?


  4. Spike

    Maybe Bauta should be our QB.


  5. ClydeBoogie

    Concerning Theus and the O-line i think it was one of the announcers from last weeks game who said that Wynn graded out best of our O-line. A freshman did better against bama than our seasoned vets? What else needs to be said?


  6. Debby Balcer

    Our center was out the second half o the Bama game so the line was juggled.


  7. AusDawg85

    Josh Dawson is our leading coin toss caller getting it correct about 50% of the time.

    Paawwwlll….Nick Saban wins the coin toss every time while Mark Richt fails half the time.

    Another tiresome defense of Richt…anybody can coach at Georgia and get the coin toss right 50% of the time with all the resources we have.